Better late than never, the people of India seem to have woken up to the reality that the country is being swindled by a few dishonest and unscrupulous politicians and bureaucrats. But how much of these noises will eventually translate into votes and how much we can really achieve when the choice is between the devil and the deep blue sea, is what needs to be seen.
The scams that have rocked the country in the last few months have severely dented the image of India and its prestige suffered tremendously. The print and electronic media abroad have given wide publicity to them. Referring to the corruption in the administration and even in the judiciary and the punchless efforts in retrieving the illegal money stashed in tax havens abroad, questions are being asked whether our nation is in a coma. UK’s “The Telegraph” says that ‘India’s elephantine legal system will ensure that culpability is delayed”
A German daily laments that India is becoming a “Banana Republic instead of a economic superpower” while others predict that the ‘have-nots will hit the streets in India because the Indian leaders in business and politics are so blissfully blinded by their new ill-gotten wealth and deceit that they are living in defiance, insolence and denial”. Yet, we are too conceited and thick-skinned to realize the truth of these statements and that the recent happenings have made us objects of ridicule and a laughing stock for the whole world.
The PM’s justification of his inaction in 2G scam by citing constraints of coalition is certainly unacceptable but we cannot help acknowledging its truth. No other party or PM would have acted differently, risking their survival in power. And here lies the root of the problem. No political party in India is clean or can afford to remain clean.
The greed for money and power is too tempting. It compels politicians and political parties to stoop to any levels to retain their chairs. Our own Chief Minister is one such example. But why fault only the politicians? Aren’t we ourselves in one way or the other corrupt? Many of us get paid for our vote, either in cash or kind. Most of us run to politicians for donations or personal favours to sanction or protect our illegalities, even though they are against the interests of our neighbours or our people or the State. Can we, in such a situation, refuse to canvass and vote for these individuals, even though we may know of their abominable antecedents?
If we need to change the system, we need to change ourselves – is what we often say, but rarely practice. Anna Hazare has rightly asserted that if he has to contest elections, he would lose his deposit. It is neither easy to end corruption nor any easier to get the right people elected – not alone because the right people are reluctant to join politics but principally because the right people cannot afford the type of money that is needed to win an election.
The country is facing a dearth not so much of upright people but of fearless, efficient and dauntless people who will take on the corrupt and the unscrupulous. In the present administration, they would run the risk of their lives, as many already have experienced.
The pressure that has been built may see the early passage of the Jan Lok Pal Bill by a reluctant Parliament comprising a sizeable number of individuals with criminal and dishonest background. The Bill, being drafted by renowned legal luminaries, may not have many loopholes that the politicians would wish to see to escape prosecution.
With the Lok Pal in place, hopefully, there will be some 4sanity in administration, particularly because corrupt politicians and bureaucrats may have to go home for good, if found guilty. However, let us not be overconfident that things will change drastically. Having seen the worst of the corruption with hardly any checks or punishment, we can’t help being cynical. Yet, it is certainly a step in the right direction


Papa Razi said...

I pray and pray that a true Lok Pal Bill finally take a good shape. Congress does not want this to happen as they know that 99% of Congressmen and other politicians alike are dirty looters of our wealth. Yiou are very much right Mr. Miranda that a sizeable number of individuals with criminal and dishonest background are ruling the nation whether at state level or at centre. Look at Goa itself, not a single good politician will be found who have not looted the Goan exchequer of billions of rupees. What happened to the high profile cases of corruption in Goa? Only people like peons or clerks are suspended for taking bribes. What is happening to those looting in crores? Nothing.

Vicente E. Do Rego said...

Lok Pal Bill will be a good platform to kick down corrupt officials as long as this Bill stands on its own without any tentacles spread to Govt. machinery beneath the ground. And these so called soundrel law makers definately will do their best to leave some loopholes to escape the prosecution leaving it meaningless.

Charles Pereira63 said...

lokpal bill is a hot topic in other part of india but in goa it is not supported by big number of goans. to know about lok pal bill please visit india against corruption web sight .some of non congress states chief ministers already  supported this anna hazare and baba ramdev crusade any thing can happen any time in india means as anna said this is second freedom strugle and it is true there is saying truth will prevails one day  and anna hazare clearly mentioned whichever political party supports this strong lok pal bill we are them please wake up goa atleast now if bill is weak on aug 16th anna hazare will be on fast unto death please gods sake support this movement in big number it is our childrens future

Dalia said...

Goa need more than a Lop Pal Bill. Goa is presently a lawless State run by the goondas in the government and Police Force is a Criminal force. Murderers. When will someone take over these 40 Chors and replace with young, educated real and Niz Goenkars? Money power of 40 Chors and greed of our community has brought this sad state of affairs on Goans.

D.JUSTIN said...

Goa needs Goaists like Maoists to eliminate the police and the politicians. India is the most corrupt counry in the world and Goa is the most corrupt state in India. Our fore fathers lived a decent life under Portuguese but we live a slum life under the iileterate and greedy politicians.There is no justice in Mother India as the police acts as the domesticated animals in the hands of poiticians.

Gobor said...

exactly exactly. the rascals in red tape are like vulnerable pigs onece they retire. Believe I have thrashed quite a few after they are retired. tell thos bastards  to wait till they retire . the godfathers wont protect them after they retire. And i dont respect 60 year old to be senior citizen if the ma fucker has been corrupt. WAIT TILL THEY BECOME 60 AND TELL THEM SO IN ADVANCE.  THIS IS MAGIC, IT WORKS

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