Dear Sir,
Your article on the urgent need for promoting patriotism and nationalism through tiatrs was an excellent read. Our tiatrist's should be patriotic towards our state first if they are to create feelings and raise emotions of patriotism among the huge section of Goan society.But, at this particular moment it does not appear so.
Almost everyone is aware that there are a lot of issues gripping the state today and that our politicians are responsible for all this. Goans today are fighting a battle for liberation from our very own Goan politicos.
Our tiatrists pretend to be patriotic towards our state by criticizing politicians in their songs and tiatrs. At the same time, they seem to get sponsorships from these same politicians to release their VCD's and Tiatrs.They are then invited to release the VCD or as a chief guest for the Tiatr.It is more suprising for me to see that some of the senior tiatrists in your Tiatr Academy,are patronising some of the politicians and at the same time direct tiatrs that are based on them. I dont have any problem them rubbing shoulders with the politicians, but i feel they should stop criticizing these same politicians in their songs and tiatr.
As a fan of tiatr it is dissapointing for me to see this. It makes me wonder if these tiatrists are fooling goans by their double standards.It appears that our tiatrists of today are in desperate need of fame and money.If this is the case,i'm afraid there won't be any patriotism left among our tiatrists.
I have written numerous articles on Goan newspapers on this,but nothing seems to change.It would be nice if you can throw some light on this,as the president of the Tiatr Academy of Goa.
Awaiting your reply.
Thanking You,
Willie Severes

Dear Willie,

Thanks for your feedback.
Whatever you have expressed is true. Tiatrists have to change their mind-set if they really believe in what they say through their tiatrs and songs.

However, I will try to write yet another article including the points raised by you.
Thanks & regards



Gobor said...

"Ozarannim zoddle kurutannim moddle,
Goenche poscotte Dhillint foddle".

When the Ghost of disqualification comes upon Churchill  whatever he has stashed in Goa thru "rubber lips" have to be flushed out to the Delhi Bosses. This is the meaning of the decade-old song of William de Curtorim = (sing for free copp)

Diogo Fichardo said...

Willie you have made a good point here. I was listening to some songs on come CDs and came across a song criticizing a particular politician. In another CD the same singer has praised the same politician putting him on a holy pedestal.  It is best these Tiatrists keep to them selves rather then promoting corrupt politicians.

A to Z said...

Diogobab we shouldn't  take the tiatrist and their songs seriously. That is all done for their POTACHO ADAR. The geuine tiartrist are all dead and gone . They were performing under difficult circumstances and had to perform only at night with PETROMAS as their light on stage. Now a days we got air conditioned auditoriums hence we do not get quality acting and the jokes or comedians are vulgar.

Emediavoice said...

Just Shut up yaar! is a Goan answer if you tries to speak against the truth. We have even received beatings and spit on our faces when we asked your beloved tiatrist about the money they receives for a song from the politicians. Its a shame my friends and the fate we received is similar on the Nataks. Goans are in such a diaspora, we have no answers dear Goans. The crooks are too smart to entice the Goan women folks and this has led to many disputes in your family lives.

Gobor said...

Tiatrs should be subjected to Censorship. Mr. Tomazinho, please wake up. The  filthy jibes  do make  tiartrs a family entertainment  anymore.

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