It has been reported in the print and visual media that the freedom fighters protested against the official Goa revolution day celebration of 15 June and after the dignitaries had left, threw aside the flowers placed by the dignitaries on the memorial, purified the memorial with bottles of mineral water before placing their own flowers.
It would be a good idea for the freedom fighters to agitate for the suspension of revolution day suspension until Goa is truly liberated from all the evils that has befallen this unfortunate state.
What is there to celebrate? Following the liberation of Goa, Goans have been systematically marginalized and soon to become a minority in their own state. The state assets are being distributed under the guise of industrial estates, SEZs and developmental projects. The state natural resources are being plundered; mining is destroying the states forest wealth, polluting the rivers, the entire state is covered with garbage, the centuries old gaunkar / communidade system has been emasculated and destroyed, its assests systematically plundered, regularly a new scam unfolds, and so on.
Having taken the credit for the liberation of Goa, the so called freedom fighters should have directed their energy toward protecting the state and the interests of goan people, from the evil influences and machinations damaging the state. Instead, they have chosen to direct their energy to tinkering with history, and arrangeing token protests.
Therefore revolution day celebration should celebratIONS SHOULD BE DEFERED, until the freedom fighters are able to truly free Goa from all the evils that have befallen Goa and Goans.


Perdro Lopes said...

These so called self made freedom fighters are only a virus to our society. They suck and their families profit. Along with the Freedole Farters we should also abolish caste and tribal system of Goa. We're one with a country Goa and language Konkani. That's it.

N.Fernandes-London said...

I personally doubt, Goans take any pride or honour, in Goa Revolution Day.
I think a Village Feast  or a ,Catholic / Christian or Hindu & Muslim  Festival is celebrated with much more fervour and gusto.Every Goan , of all religious persuasions take part in these celebrations.
Goans do not have faith or take pride in  Political or revolutionary  celebrations. They view this as a  FARCE or hypocritical.
The biggest Revolution that Goa has seen in the last 50 years is, uncontrollable and rampant CORRUPTION.
Every Goan has been touched& has suffered  by this disease.
This disease was created & foisted on Goans,by the so called Freedom Fighters calling them selves revolutionaries.
Goa may be free from the Portuguese, but it has been imprisoned & plagued by the corrupt Indian system of governance.  

Anonymous the VIII said...

Doctor, it is like telling the street dogs to behave. These dogs have grown too old to learn new tricks.

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