The current debate on whether Panjim should have a football stadium needs a careful consideration. More urgent though is the question whether the already congested city can sustain and cope with a football stadium. A full fledged stadium on the outskirts of the City may be an idea. Possibly the uncultivated fields along the Panjim - Ribandar causeway could be considered as it would still be within the jurisdiction of the CCP.
The Corporation of the City of Panjim has virtually clogged all the city’s open spaces. Panjim’s priority should be to find a permanent solution to the alarming garbage crisis. Infact the CCP should not allow any further projects which generate garbage including a stadium untill the garbage issue is resolved. The CCP needs to identify a site for its garbage disposal plant within its jurisdiction rather than unjustly dumping its burden on the neighbouring villages. Sadly the Campal grounds may be the only venue available where the CCP's garbage may have to be rested.


Cyrus masca said...

Bebo matso sudorta? Oxem kitem kor..............public support kortol. Tumcho zago assa zalear ground korun bhurgeak dhi.

Dalia said...

Aires have been writing for a long time and there were no adverse comments earlier. what i feel now is that a group is formulated or someone interested to silence Aires has made it a conspiracy to throw hot oil on him. I also believe Aires is reading every comment and is just not reactive, this will silence his critics. As I understand there are two sides to every coin different from one another but it is for the commentators to exercise their will in free commenting a long as they are not vulgar.

Anonymous the VIII said...

Dalia, you are right. That is the usual Goan political stupid strategy. All they want to show is that there is opposition to what someone has stated. But when the opposition is without any argument or rational grounds, it makes obvious the intentions.

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