VERNA: The Verna police on Monday night registered a suspected murder case against some unknown person in the death of Melvyn Gomes (30), a resident of Arossim, after a mob of over 500 protestors staged a morcha at the Verna police station.
People gathered at Verna PS and South Goa SP Allen D'Sa
They alleged that Verna police officials failed to make proper investigation into the death of Melvyn, who died under mysterious circumstances at a construction site of a hotel at Utorda a couple of days ago.
The suspected murder case has been registered under section 302 of the Indian Penal Code.  The villagers of Arossim, including family members and friends of the deceased, were led by the Benaulim MLA and former tourism minister, Mr Francisco Xavier Pacheco alias Mickky. There were demanding that the death of Melvyn be registered as murder.
The forensic department doctors of the GMC conducted the second autopsy on the body of the Utorda youth who was brought to the GMC on Saturday after allegation of him having been murdered emerged.
The GMC doctors have not given any cause for the death, which would now be given only after receipt of viscera report. The cause of death after the first autopsy, conducted at the Hospicio Hospital, was given as natural.
Quoting the second autopsy report, the superintendent of police, South, Mr Allen D’Sa said, “No opinion as to exact cause of death is given as viscera has been preserved for diatoms studies, chemical analysis and histopathological examination.”
The autopsy report further stated that there are signs of asphyxia and signs of a drowning person having injuries on face and both feet.
The report also disclosed that “no opinion given as regards to manner of death (namely accidental or homicidal) as it is for investigation officer to decide on circumstances”.  The SP disclosed that second autopsy report indicated that “material and third molar tooth have been preserved for serological examination and DNA profile respectively”.
During the protest at the Verna police station, Mr D’Sa, the deputy collector and SDM, Margao, Mr Johnson Fernandes and other senior officials held at a meeting with the protestors at the police station, amidst a strong posse of securitymen.
The protestors alleged that the Verna PI, Mr Jivba Dalvi failed to conduct proper investigation in the death of the Arossim youth.  The second autopsy report failed to pacify the aggrieved villagers who stuck to their demand that the death be registered as murder. The villagers were camping at the Verna police station till night.
Earlier, rancorous scenes were witnessed outside the morgue of the GMC, as around 200 people protested the failure of the Verna police to register the death of Melvyn as murder, despite there being “evidence” of the deceased having been killed.
The behaviour of Mr Dalvi, who turned up at the morgue on the orders of sub-divisional magistrate of Margao-South, infuriated the already agitated crowd who not only shouted slogans against him but also threw a few bottles at him which, however, did not hit him.
Seeing the furious behaviour of the crowd the deputy superintendent of police, Mr Deu Banaulikar, and the Agassaim police inspector, Mr Vishvesh Karpe escorted him out of the morgue and sent him away. The crowd then dispersed. The body has been preserved in the GMC morgue.
A senior police official said that Mr Dalvi could have avoided the situation by registering the case as that of suspected murder, since allegations have been leveled. “This way he could not only have pacified the people but also abided by the Supreme Court ruling,” he said further.
Mr Pacheco, who addressed the media persons outside the GMC morgue and Verna police station, demanded immediate dismissal of Mr Dalvi.
Mr Pacheco demanded that the investigation into Melvyn’s death should be conducted by the CID-crime branch.  Mr Pacheco wondered why the police are delaying to make arrest in the case when circumstantial evidence indicated that the deceased was murdered and did not drown as reported earlier.- NT


Wilma said...

I hope Police would catch the murderer & hang him to death...Feel sorry for his young wife & small kids.

D.JUSTIN said...

The chor police and the chor politicians is a disgrace to Goan society. These two elements should be stoned to death in public in futrure.

N.Fernandes-London said...

A trip made by PI Dalvi, Mauvin Godinho and Aboobakr Shaik,to Dubai, has only one purpose.A sinister purpose.
Prostitution and Money laundering.
With the Lokpal bill being discussed and probably becoming a reality, many Corrupt Ministers from Goa along with Corrupt Citizens like Aboobakr & Dalv,i are now going to Dubai frequently to find ways of hiding their Black Money.
A lot of the money will be invested in Gold and Diamonds or Real Estate. 
Regardless , all this is still traceabe with the co -operation of the Dubai Authorities, Dubai Bankers and Swiss Banks too.
Money held in  Banks leaves a a trail.Most Banks around the world have to keep records for about 20 years.
Even closed accounts are held on record for 20 years or more.
I doubt that the 3 asses (Dalvi, Godinho & Babloo) will be able to conceal everything.The Lokpal Bill will surely have the means to investigate their  sources of income too.
The 3 asses could also be caught out for TAX Evasion.
With many Corrupt Indians going to Dubai to find methods of concealing their Black money held there,I am sure the Banks in Dubai will take serious notice, if their Banking system is being drained.

N.Fernandes-London said...

Courtesy of ibnlive.

"YEAR 2007"

As the State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission in Delhi fines ICICI bank for harassing a customer, CNN-IBN unearths a huge car loan recovery racket run in Goa by ICICI bank officials.
CNN-IBN Correspondent Ruksh Chatterji takes us behind the scenes to find out just how a car is recovered.
Margao (Goa): As one walks along the streets of any major city in Goa the one thing that stands out is the number of shiny new cars. But not everything is nice and bright about the transport scene in Goa.
That’s because most of these cars are financed and if a loan goes bad, banks prefer to use strong arm tactics rather than going to the courts.
That's where men like Johnny D'Cruz, former ICICI car recovery agent (name changed) come in. So how does Johnny recover cars?
Johnny D'Cruz: We had four lungi fellows from Karnataka. They would do the needful.
CNN-IBN: But would they resort to violence?
Johnny D'Cruz: Yes. We had to resort to violence at times.
CNN-IBN: Like what?
Johnny D'Cruz: We would slap them or kick them.
And how would the recovery gangs prevent a case from being filed in the police station?
Johnny D'Cruz: The police would be paid Rs 20,000.
CNN-IBN: This would be paid to the local police?
Johnny D'Cruz: It would be paid to their head brass.
That's just what happened to Jowett D'Souza, a resident of Goa, when his car was forcefully taken from him.
“The PSI was reluctant to file my complaint,” says Jowett.
Sub Inspector Jivba Dalvi, who had reportedly refused to take Jowett's complaint, was allegedly part of the recovery racket.
CNN-IBN went undercover to strike a deal with him to recover some money from a car sale gone bad but our hidden camera was discovered.
CNN-IBN: I do not know how much was paid. About two and a half ...
Jivba Dalvi: What is that in your hand?
CNN-IBN: Oh this is my pouch. It’s nothing.
However, it’s not us but the officer who is begging for mercy.
Jivba Dalvi: I just request you to keep me out of it. Please, I’m scared. You can check my purse.
The reason for his fear is a bunglow worth Rs50 lakh that PSI Dalvi has managed to accumulate in just a few years of service.
It's this fall from grace of the men in khaki that has emboldened racketeers and they operate freely.
Johnny D'Cruz: We would inform the police that we are going to seize a car and if that car was not there, we seek their help to locate it.
CNN-IBN: How would the money be paid to the PI or PSI?
Johnny D'Cruz: That would go under hand we would not know about it.

N.Fernandes-London said...

Documented by Goa Desc Resource Centre Ph:2252660Website: www.goadesc.org
Email: goadesc@...Press
Clippings on the web: http://www.goadesc.org/mem/--------------------------------------------------------------------------------\------------------------------------------------------------Disproportionate
assets: PSI
police sub-inspector of 1997 batch, Mr Jivba Dalvi, currentlyattached to the
Colva police station has been suspended, followingthe Anti-Corruption Branch
registering the first information report(FIR) against him for possessing
assets disproportionate to hisknown sources of income.The ACB, which was
gathering independentinformation of some government officers regarding the
possession ofassets has prepared a case against Mr Dalvi.The ACB
team led by the deputy superintendent of police,Mr Omprakash Kurtarkar today
raided the residence of Mr Dalviat Sao Jose de Areal and seized several
documents. The ACB laterfiled the FIR against Mr Dalvi under section 13 (2)
read with 13(1) (E)of the Goa Prevention of Corruption Act,
1988.This is the first ever case against the police officers in recent
timesand superintendent of police (ACB), Mr Bosco George said that
theACB team has seized Mr Dalvi's bank books, share
certificates,property purchase documents and others. Mr Dalvi owns a
bungalowat Sao Jose de Areal.Mr Bosco said the preliminary
investigation has found the possessionof disproportionate assets with Mr
Dalvi to the tune of Rs 6 lakh. TheACB will verify the other documents to
ascertain the exact amount ofdisproportionate assets, Mr George
said.The ACB team has recorded the statement of Mr Dalvi and
attachedthe documents from his bungalow after panchanama. Mr George
saidthere was no need for Mr Dalvi's immediate arrest and that the
ACBwill summon the suspended PSI as and when required. The FIR hasbeen
lodged with the ACB police station at Altinho.Mr George said after the
ACB registered the FIR against Mr Dalvi,the DGP has placed Mr Dalvi under
suspension. Mr Dalvi, was duefor promotion this days.The other
members of the raiding team were police inspector,Mr Gundu Naik, police
sub-inspector, Mr Rajendra Nigaley. The raidsbegan in the morning and
continued till evening. The documentsseized are being verified by the ACB
team.It may be recalled that the ACB, which was earlier with the
policehas been brought under the vigilance department and the
ACBofficials are collecting information of government servants
uponreceiving complaints and preparing cases.Several other officers
are said to be on the ACB surveillance

renoir said...

With  so much evidence outstanding against these officers in Khaki how come the law fails to catch them, Why cannot the CBI or the Income  Tax sleuths investigate them, catch up on their lavish life style which they acquire just overnight, Under whose blessing do these rogues acquire impunity. Here i know of people getting distress notices from income tax departments for minor offences/defaults.........How much will our people tolerate this nonsense.Its utterly disgusting to see criminals walk free and for them to get praises and promotions for the crimes they have committed rather then a sentence. I would wish to see such people die in agony and may every moment of their last breath remind them of all the evil they have done to humanity before they live on their onward journey to Hell.

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