PANJIM: Remo Fernandes hit out at pseudo anti-corruption activists who according to him had their feet on both sides. Remo was speaking at India against Corruption protest meeting at Goa Chamber of Commerce and Industry hall, Panjim.
“There are many people who attend events like these and sit for anti-corruption fasts but at the same time they are good friends of politicians and go to them for donations and funding. You can’t have your feet on both sides. You cannot be here just to show that you are against corruption,” Remo said.
The statement left many squirming in the seats. He also hit out against fence sitters which he said would not help in the fight against corruption. “If you are not against corruption you are for corruption. You cannot be sitting on the fence. There are many among us, who sit at home and say it does not concern me. We discuss it in our bars, we discuss it in our balc√£o but we do nothing about it. We accept it as a normal way of life,” Remo said. “If someone is hacking into your bank account will you sit quiet? You will raise your voice and file a police complaint.
Many of us think this is government money so we shut up. It is our money that is being kept in foreign banks. We should not remain quiet,” he said.
Remo also said that he dreamt of making today’s current politicians face the people after they have been injected with the truth serum.  “I dream I become the dictator of Goa. I will place all politicians and government servants under house arrest and let them face the people under the doze of the truth serum and then we shall see what comes out,” Remo said.  He called on reporters not just to report news but also do investigative journalism. - Herald


renoir said...

Well said Remo.I wish people could think they way you do. We need more people on the stage with the principals that you not only have preached but  have practiced.I Hope one day this doze of truth, corruption, loot, rape,extortion, bribe serum can be injected in all the goverment servants and your dream come true....I salute you Remo for your stand and values.

Anonymous the VIII said...

This AGENDA is just a diversion sponsored by the right wing communalist parties BJP, RSS, etc. to bring down Congress. Nothing beneficial will come out of it. The Goa Chamber of Commerce itself in the first place have sycophant Nitin Kunkoliker and his likes.
Corruption cannot be tackled without discipline. And discipline has to be imbibed in people from a young age.
In Goa we HAD most Goans as honest, non corrupt because we were disciplined by the Portuguese rule, contrary to the Indians. But sadly, due to widespread indiscipline after India invaded Goa, Goans too have taken the easy path of making money. Laws are framed in good faith, but we see how the corrupt bypass the Laws and even the Judiciary. We have seen in Goa itself, how Cidade de Goa negated Supreme Court's Order by an Ordinance. We can see from Panjim, how Tata Housing Developers have constructed a monstrous concrete jungle, inspite of the High Court striking down the construction for being a forested area by the Order upturned by the Supreme Court. These two examples show how Judiciary can be bypassed and how Law can be bypassed.
So having a Law against corruption or having Lokpal Court is all an eyewash.

Vicente E. Do Rego said...

What Remo mentioned above is truth, even sometime I feel and dream of becoming Dictator of Goa to crush these bunch of monkey ruling and on destruction spree of our beautiful Goa. And Goa definately need such rule in near future to command the ship. What Remo has said is a fact many among us sit together but some of them has wierd mind at the same time and they are like Judas's among us. My heart burns imagining the future of Goa going into the hands of corrupt scoundrels and non-goans on other hand. If we Goans fails to come together in one voice to protect our tiny Goa then our future generation will curse us. This is the outcome of bloody filthy rule of Invaders Barathi and we Goans are paying for no fault of our.

Diogo Fichardo said...

Remo is a True Goan among True Goans speaking, There is no mid way in fighting corruption and its roots, Either we are against or for corruption. To fight corruption it has to be from within Goa and not influenced from external organisations who are for Communal Destruction.  

David Leitao said...

Remo has been one of the best ambassdors of Goa an artist par excellence !!! A Goan who will call a spade a spade !!! A writer who will not a use a " nome de plume" ( pen name ) One of his big time contributions is to the aids of communication in the modern era in India. It was his song composed in the 1980s " Graham Bell " which made the nation sit and pay attention, which geared up and pricked  the conscience of the  Man on top of the Nation then Late Rajiv Gandhi and prompted him to put Sam Pitroda on the job of linking all villages in India by telecommunications at last  the Indian in the village saw and used the telephone !!!! Thanks to Remo Fernandes of Siolim !!! What now happens on 2G and 3 G kickbacks we leave it to Naguesh Karmali. If it was me instead of Remo the other day I would have boxed Karmali's ears !!! Till he heard the sound Ting !!!!! Pension fighter Naguesh Karmali you cannot touch the talent or the heights that Remo has reached not by the ends of a mining barge pole !!! Viva Remo  !!! Long live Remo !!!! Cheers !!!! Amche Goem amkam Zai !!!!

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