PANJIM: Apologising to the Bombay High Court at Goa, the government on Wednesday gave an undertaking that it would commission the new district hospital at Mapusa by August 15. The division bench comprising Justice S A Bobde and Justice F M Reis during the hearing of a public interest litigation filed by Mr Prakash Sardessai, on Tuesday, had directed the health secretary to file an affidavit by Wednesday, explaining the delay in commissioning the New District Hospital at Mapusa.
Also the Advocate General, Mr Subodh Kantak had during an earlier hearing told the High Court that the New District Hospital at Mapusa would be fully commissioned by end of May.
The health secretary, Mr Rajeev Verma, on Wednesday, filed an affidavit "expressing regrets and tendering my apology for not having been able to comply with the time frame set by this hon’ble court for commissioning the New District Hospital at Mapusa."
The affidavit gave the up-to-date status and the steps taken till date and stating that after "further consultation with the representative of the Radiant Life Care Pvt Ltd I undertake that the New District Hospital at Mapusa will be commissioned on or before 15/08/2011" The government also promised that all the facilities presently being provided and also not provided at the Asilo Hospital would be provided in the New District Hospital including facilities of ICU and Trauma Unit (do not exist in the Asilo Hospital) as directed by the Court by order dated 3/2/2011


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