MICKKY’S LAST LAUGH OVER CHURCHILL brought to you by Willie Menino severes, Majorda (Dubai)

Churchill Alemao has said if required he could bring 1 lakh parents on the streets on any given day. While Churchill is still trumpeting his role in getting English as MOI, BBSM was successful in keeping Margao paralysed for the day.
Due to fear shops and business establishments had to pull down their shutters, BBSM supporters blocked roads in the city and hurled stones on buses on Navelim-Margao road, that too in front of police force who were mere spectators to this.And, Churchill and Digu Bab could do nothing about this.
Churchill's nemesis Mickky Pacheco has correctly said that the Goa government has double standards. While Kamat and Churchill failed keep Margao open, Mickky’s Benaulim constituency was highly successful in keeping Monday’s Bandh at bay.


renoir said...

I am sure we all have heard the comment " Donkey praises its own tail" The rest is for the readers to comment.

Alcantara said...

Apparently, the politicians who should have opposed the bandh and prevented it with a firm hand were themselves party to the shutdown. And while the organizers and their gang of supporters indulged in acts of violence, the police, instead of ensuring a peaceful bandh, were peaceful observers of the disruption and damage being done before their eyes. They didn't even look the other way, or turn a blind eye, they were actually casual bystanders and witnesses to all the violence.

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