VASCO: Villagers of Arossim on Tuesday took out a protest rally in Cansaulim-Arossim-Cuelim areas, demanding immediate dismissal of the Verna PI, Mr Jivba Dalvi for shoddy investigation into the mysterious death of Melvyn Gomes whose body was recovered from a construction site of a hotel in Utorda.
The villagers were displaying banners reading "Justice prevails when there is truth in investigation", and "Kill crime and not the person - is our vision".
Villagers and Melvyn’s family members have decided not to receive his body until their demand of Mr Dalvi’s dismissal is not met. They have threatened to intensify their agitation from June 22 by organising a mass rally to protest shoddy investigation by Mr Dalvi. The agitated villagers have also decided to meet the Chief Minister, Mr Digambar Kamat.
During the protest rally, the shop owners in Cansaulim market shut shops in support of the protest. The protesters thereafter gathered at the St Thomas Church where Fr Kevin Rodrigues made a prayer to give strength to the family members of the deceased and the villagers.
The villagers thereafter chalked out a plan for strengthening the agitation from Wednesday onwards. The villagers have decided to gather at Arossim at 7 a.m on Wednesday and commence their agitation.
Meanwhile, the superintendent of police, South, Mr Allen D’Sa has said that the investigation into the mysterious death of Melvyn Gomes of Arossim would be conducted by the deputy superintendent of police, Margao, Mr Umesh Gaonkar as per the demand of the villagers. – NT


renoir said...

The death of Melvyn now appears to be takeing a "political" flavour  to it. Its a know fact that when elections are approaching, politicians try their utmost to garner support from any social issue they can lay their hands on and in this particular case it appears its from the  untimely tragedy fallen upon the  Gomes family.Political presure will definetely help  move things due to the level of bureaucracy we go through, but at the same time i wish all the politicos stand for some basic human values and noty only encash on someones " TRADGEDY" but also on lot more issues that have plagued our society, which is directly or indirectly attributable to the politicians of the day.
My heart goes out to the family of Melwyn, especially his two little kids. May the soul of Melwyn rest in peace knowing the fact that the Villagers are fighting for his cause.

N.Fernandes-London said...

MIckky Pacheco has taken on helping the Gomes family in this case.
No doubt ,Churchill will soon follow along with Mauvin Godinho.

Dalia said...

I do not understand who kept the name of the police dog as Dalvi. In fact, it should have been DALAL. This Jivba Dalvi is the worst dalal of the police department. An individual with lesser sense but great pomp. In fact, the whole police department uses him to collect haftas as he is a master of collection. Dalvi is a dog of the politicians and have no shame in extorting money even from taxi drivers no matter if it's Rs. 50 only. Most of his assets are allocated in the name of his inlaws who are Punjabis. Whichever restaurant he enters, make sure the bill is never paid. He has got a history of becoming larger than his image with all the looted money. He is actually unfit to be a police officer. He has got another brother in the police department who is a PSI but seems better than this dalal.

Dalia said...

I hope Mickey will also put pressure on the Police and Crime branch to investigate the cause of death of Nadia Torrado. Her first death anniverssary on 30th May was even forgotten by many. All that high profile dramas ended with no conclusion. 

N.Fernandes-London said...

Hi Dalia: lets hope this is the start of the downfall of Jivba Dalvi.
I observed a clip of him on a TV news Video.He seems extremely arrogant and looks cocky.
The latest is that he has been transferred to Police HQ.
I am sure that all crooked men & women will one day  trip & fall.The sooner the better.

Clunha said...

Yes and this is exactly what we need. We have to stand up for each other and take care of ourselves. let us not fight among ourselves over petty issues and let's bring the culprits to the gallows. People wake up and lets have a change in the political arena. Such murders were unheard of and nowadays we see this and all because the political and goonda culture has taken over. Let's take our Goa back and teach these SOB's a lesson. All our brothers have to be avenged.

Mario Pequeno said...

The news doing the rounds is that the Hotel project under construction belongs jointly to former Prime Minister Deve Gowda's son Kumarswamy from Karnataka and Bollywood villian Sunil Shetty so what PI Verna Jivba Dalvi stands to gain is anyone's guess......

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