Family members of Arossim man who died under mysterious circumstances suspect foul play. Rest assured Melvin had definitely seen something he should not have done and was murdered. On what grounds is the Verna Police stating that he died of natural causes?
As usual it seems like they are trying to save the culprits. My heartfelt sympathies to the family members and may God be with you in these times of trouble. Let us unite and bring in the culprits and do justice to the bereaved family. Today it is Brother Melvin; tomorrow it will be one of you. So let us be together and take care of each other and fend for ourselves as it is clear now that justice is dead in Goa.


renoir said...

The Injuries as shown on the clip by GOA365 has a lot of explanation and questions for the police and the Forensic department to respond to.
The police in the first place should be pulled up for refusing to entartain the death from a murder angle and just writeing it off as "Natural Death" The PI  in charge definetely needs a lot to explain here as to what basis he used to make this report of " Natural death or death by drowning..Melwyn was known to be a good swimmer and one now needs to know how a good swimmer could drown just in a waist deep pith of water.
All circumstantial evidence does point to foul play. Mat the unity of the villagers  with the leadership of the parish priest bear fruits in finding  the truth , may his sould get justice in knowing that the villagers fought for him and the criminals brought to justice.

N.Fernandes-London said...

PI Dalvi must go.He thinks, due to his arrogance,that  all human beings are disposable.He does not take into consideration the feelings of relatives or the sensitivities of the general public.
For PI Dalvi , a crime or criminal case is based on monetary values.If there is no money in it for him, there is no crime committed.The crime gets changed to "NATURAL"....Natural death & the case gets closed.
With ill-gotten money,made through various backhanders, he thinks he is Gods "messiah" in Verna.
Apparently the family of Melwyn were approached to stop pursuing the case for a monetary fee.
It will be interesting to know who was paying for this.
Mauvin Godinha and Aboobakr Shaik aka Babloo will surely be finiancial emmissaries to protect their  Bum chum PI Dalvi.

Areallyfedupgoan said...

Minin bab we have to play active role in the above case and cases similar to these,
we in Goa are eagerly waiting for a leader who can advise and give  direction can somebody lead us?

D.JUSTIN said...

The police force of Goa is nothing but the domesticated animals of the politicians. No Goans will ever find the justice in Goa as Goa is ruled by the goonda politicians and goonda police force. What happened to Cipriano and the murderers police are still free. The time has come for the people of Goa to get rid of idleness and act; start attacking and setting the useless and corrupt politicians and police on fire; burn down the police stations and head quarters as Goans do not get any justice. Our rogue government will only act after when we Goan unitedly act.

Gurudas Lotlikar Margao said...

There is certainly foul play in this case, How can a swimming instructor drown in low level water? There sure will be cover up to protect his killers.

N.Fernandes-London said...

Hi Gurudas:
The latest news is that Jivba Dalvi has been transferrd to Police Headquaters.
There is no doubt in my mind that PI Jivba Dalvi is an extremely crooked cop.
He has strong links with the Real Estate & Building Lobby.He has very strong connections with Aboobakr Shaik a.k.a. Babloo and Mauvin Godinho. These 3 very wicked men, use their power to silnece protests.
Dalvi is surely complicit, in the murder of Melvyn.  
Dalvi was conditioned & groomed  by the Builders for a huge sum of money and a treat in Dubai with  east European & Russian prostitutes, to treat the murder as drowning.
I have seen the photos of the victim.His facial injuries are not due to drowning, but due to some sort of a physical attack.
I am sure more information wsill come about soon.However, the cocky ,Gudlar like Dalvi must be dismissed from Police service and investigated for the black money  he has made and assets he has accrued.
At present I am disappointed with the new "CHARLIE",sent to replace  Bhim Bassi, DGP Aditya Arya .
He has hardly been in Goa a few weeks .He has been extremely controversial in each and every case he has been in charge of.If he cannot get his act together...he too, should be sent back to New Delhi or better still dismissed.



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