It is high time Goans should wake up if still sleeping. The politicians are about to take over Goa. Goa will no longer belong to the Goans but to the politicians who will think they are the new emperors of Goa. Goans please wake up and do not vote the current politicians, their families who join politics and their friends who are about to enter politics to make money.
Starting with the best friend of politicians:
The first one to break is that Tiatrist ROSEFERNS who is a best friend of Churchill Alemao etc etc….is making the setting of his stage to contest elections
Chorchill's, daughter is set to contest on UGDP if Congress denies them tickets. Joking’s (Joaquim), son same as above.
Kennedy Alemao is making his setting for Velim Constituency by targetting Feliepe (Filip) Neri (If they all win, we will have 5 Alemaos in the Porvorim Zoo)
Ravi and Son to contest, similar tactics
Harish Zantye's son to contest against Ravi's son
Pricky or Mickey Mouse and Cheap Viola are already making ground
Monserrates, Mr & Mrs to contest
Mummy plus Mummy's son to contest against Pandurang Madkaikar
Similarly, Pandu and his wife are planning the same.
Mauvin's cousin Agnelo Alcasoas (Queeny Real estate fame) is groomed by the big cousin.
Brother of Babu Azgaonkar to contest on BJP from Margao if Sharmad Raiturkar is taken into Congress.
Sardinha's son targeted against Lourenco
Luizinho grooming Navelim, people say it is for his doctor daughter in law (Dr. Carmo Gracias's daughter)
So, in the next few years, Goa will be ruled by a few corrupt families.
Luckily we have two good candidates who will face these crooks above Avertano Furtado will face the Alemao and Pausilip Dourado will clash with Duplicate wife Viola.  Vote only the good candidates and do not sell your votes to these dirty politicians of Goa for a few notes.
Can we save our beloved Goa from the clutches of dynasties?


Nizachogoenkar said...

Dalia. Well Done. NO DOUBT.  CHORCHILL was thinking of so called GREATER GOA( Including Konkani Speaking Karwar and Mangalore) So that There will be Electoral positions for His Grand Children. GOANS Rise. There Need to be Laws to stop  this. In this process outsiders will Benifit
All I pray to GOD is. LORD Please Give us a New JACK SEQUEIRA

Emediavoice said...

Dalia, as its said in your Goan saying "No matter how much you clean the pig, it will always follow to the dirty swamps". We are testing Goans for a long long period of time and we have come to a conclusion that "Goan don't trust fellow Goan". If trusted than its for a brief amount of time and days and later goes back to swamps. Goans know the history of all the monsters you have noted in your article but the Goans licks these monsters on daily basis. The reason is based on " The Church of Goa" who receives illegal money from these goondas. The church portrays these rascals on the altar of sainthood and then the vote banks gets on their support. The same matter is with other religions.

Gobor said...

The mighty Furtado family of Navelim of four brothers and who dictated the fortunes of Navelim for centuries will steamroll the shit out of Churchill.  Avertano the International goal keeper who also once plyed for Varca S C in the senior Division  is a strong favourite and very popular among the youth.

Gobor said...

Always beware of this two: the Church and Churchill

Perdro Lopes said...

Unfortunately you're 88% correct, but time is the answer, just wait and see.

Saborges1 said...

We Goenkars are shameless. Electing the same rascals again and again.

Areallyfedupgoan said...

gobor bab/bai your comment is so true "when church becomes ill the resulting byproduct is Churchill"


Areallyfedupgoan said...


Dalia bai,
For how long we will write articles to wake the sleeping babies and babas of Goa?
We wrote on the ghantis, ghanti businessmen, ghanti politicians, ghanti contractors, ghanti govt servants,ghanti builders,
ghanti motorcycle/rickshaw pilots,ghanti bus drivers/conductors,RTOs/ police,ghanti beggars,ghanti vendors, ghanti shopkeepers,ghanti tourists,ghanti plumbers, ghanti painters, ghanti electricians,ghanti tile fitters, etc etc but still we cant see significant improvement . One thing I noted is when ever you are driving a little rash a on the side of the incoming vehicle, either you are shown a fist or a mouthful of bad words.I want to ask you the so called Goans how you turn blind,deaf and dumb when you are looted and plundered by the above parasites. Please get rid of them or otherwise they will gobble up us all one day, and the day is not far.
I promise i will do my bit, can you promise  me now that you will also do your bit, then reply me.


dlp said...

The Church has added Hill to its name and taking us for a ride up the Hill of Kariavaddo where ghanttis are being bread and slowly coming out of hibernation. If not taken care of now, they will breed all over Goa in thousands like white ants with the help of the current Chorchills and Company.

D.JUSTIN said...

As a football fanatic
 , I   had a brief encounter with Avertano as i know his brother Schubert very well. I also know the pig of varca for a long time. My bet is that the pig of varca stand no chance against the Furtado brothers. It's the furtados brother who helped the pig to defeat Faleiro. The Goans should listen to Dalia and not vote the present politicians or their family members. May GOD give wisdom to GOANS like KING SOLOMON to elect the clean and honest candidates.

Dalia said...

@Areallyfedup..............Our efforts are bearing fruits and will not go in vain. Every Niz Goenkar are doing their best to educate the people of Goa who have fallen to the crumbs to wake up and stand on their feet. If we keep on voting the same faces time and again, remember, one day it will be like One king and the rest of the family members are Prince and Princess, think of Gulf States where the wealth is concentrated within the family. We are almost reaching to that stage.

A to Z said...

D.Justin bab, Lets pray only few get wisdon like Solomon. If all get it than we will have all as leaders no one as followers. Remember Solomon was the wisest
king ever born on earth. I hope Goans will be wise enough to vote for different person the coming election. Any change will be good enough. In Konkani we say "NOVI SARUN BORO CHOIR KADTA " ( NEW BRROM SWEEPS WELL)

Mica1carvalho said...

it would be better if a common man who is well known in  his constituency tries to contestthe elections as if not this year he and his supporters will know how to go about it the next time round.Come on Goa lets have a change. We go pub hopping let's go new candidate voting.

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