PANJIM: The state government is preparing to create a database of its employees and pensioners as recommended by the Thirteenth Finance Commission. All states are required to prepare such records and in order to facilitate Goa to build such a database. The central government has already provided funds as grant-in-aid to Goa.
The database will be designed to allow for subsequent extension to include other financial benefits including provident fund, insurance and health benefits details of the employees. Details of payment of pensions and family pensions will also be added in time to the database.
In order to implement the project in a time-bound manner and monitor its progress, the state government has constituted a committee to be headed by state secretary for Information Technology. Eight other state employees will serve as members on the committee, including director for accounts, joint secretary for personnel and joint secretary for finance. The committee will work out suitable modalities for replication of projects which is being implemented at Goa State Infrastructure Development Corporation and will co-ordinate, manage and review the implementation of the database project on regular basis.
The nine-member body will address the challenges both technical as well as administrative faced during the implementation of the project and analyze the required man month efforts needed for implementation/customisation of the project.


N.Fernandes-London said...

I wonder how many fake Pensioners will also be included like the Freedom Fighters & the most notable of them Naguesh Karmali.
Birth Certificates can be bought in Goa for a few Rupees.Witnesses can also be bought for another few rupees.A letter from the Local MLA,confirming age  can be obtained for a promise to Vote for them.Local Panchayat will alter ration card details for a few rupees.
All in all the fake Pensioneer will get a few rupees. 

dlp said...

First and foremost create a database of all criminals, corrupt poliicians and make it public.

Emediavoice said...

"Create a database of the dead and about to be born" or else loot from their graves.

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