PANJIM: The noted poet and playwright, Vishnu Wagh, on Tuesday, tendered his resignation as the press and media advisor of the state government, affiliated to the department of information and publicity, as a mark of protest against the government decision to provide grants to the English primary schools in Goa.
The resignation has been submitted to the director of information and publicity, Mr Menino Peres.  Mr Wagh said that he would resign from all government posts, one at a time, every week, and expose the mind-set of the government as regards its controversial MoI decision, through every resignation letter.
He is presently the member of the governing council as well as the general body of the Entertainment Society of Goa, chairman of the Goa State SC and OBC Finance and Development Corporation, and vice-chairperson of Rajiv Gandhi Kala Mandir, besides general secretary of the Goa Pradesh Congress Committee.
Brushing aside the allegations that he has decided to lock horns with the government on the MoI issue, as he was denied the Rajya Sabha candidature from Goa, Mr Wagh said that the Congress candidate for the Rajya Sabha election is yet to be declared, and it would have been immature on his part to take any stand against the Congress party, even before the candidate is finalised.
"There is absolutely no substance in these allegations," he stated. Mr Wagh also said that public awareness about the MoI issue is on the rise, and the first public meeting on this issue would be held at Ponda, on June 25.
Meanwhile, Mr Wagh, in his resignation letter says that the particular letter is written in English as the Chief Minister, Mr Digambar Kamat seems to know only that language.
"I am resigning from the post of press and media advisor of the state government as the government has taken anti-public decision in a dictatorial manner, and therefore, my conscience does not allow me to continue on the position," he writes.
The letter finally observes that English at the primary level would, at the most, enrich a student in vocabulary, but the knowledge will be given only by our local languages.


Pisso said...

For WAG the best place for you  is the forest. You belong there and can't be the member of civilized society. Why all these post were given to you ? Are there not enough people in Goa to occupy these post ? 

Gobor said...

And all this time the government had a media adviser with a rotten partisan outlook.  He should vacate all the posts at once.  why one at a time?

Anonymous the VIII said...

What does this Wagh mean that government has taken anti-public decision? Does he mean that the children of Bembre and Sashikala who have sent their wards to English medium schools are not the public. Are the families of all those who send their children to English MOI not the public?
Yes, you cannot fool the public all the time. We know you mean to say ANTI-MARATHI !!

N.Fernandes-London said...

Mr Wagh, Goans do not need a fuddy duddy Media Advisor.
Media has changed around the world.We are in the 21st Century and the Internet is the new media king.
Your honours were acheived in another bygone century. 

dlp said...


You are right. (not his) but its place is in the jungle and it should be shot dead by the hunters. How did it manage to come out of the jungle and occupy all these posts?

Shiv Sena? Lion of Shashikala that is still in her panties trying to come out again? No way madam. It will be safer there until you take it to the pier and someone lights the fire.

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