PANJIM: The Speaker, Mr Pratapsing Rane, on Tuesday, issued notices to Mr Churchill Alemao, the Navelim MLA, and Mr Aleixo Reginaldo Lourenco, the Curtorim MLA, to appear before him on June 30 in a fresh disqualification petition filed by Mr Francisco Xavier Pacheco, the Nationalist Congress party MLA from Benaulim.
The Speaker said that he has sent fresh summons to both Mr Alemao, who is the state Public Works Department Minister, and Mr Lourenco, who is the chairman of the North Goa Planning and Development Authority, after Mr Pacheco, a former tourism minister in the state cabinet, filed a fresh petition seeking their disqualification last month.
Both, Mr Alemao and Mr Lourenco had won the last assembly election on the tickets of Save Goa Front (SGF) and subsequently joined the Congress. Both of them claimed to have merged the SGF with Congress at the time of their joining Congress, but the claim was disputed as a result of which a petition was filed by Mr Pacheco before the Speaker earlier seeking their disqualification.
Mr Pacheco, who has been at loggerhead with Mr Alemao ever since he defeated the later in Benaulim in the year 2000, however, sought to withdraw the disqualification petition after a sort of rapprochement was reached between the two warring politicians, but before the Speaker could decide on the issue, the two politicians crossed swords again and their short-lived friendship ended before it could begin.
According to the sources the decision to file a fresh petition was taken following a decision of the Election Commission of India that SGF still existed. – NT


N.Fernandes-London said...

This is a typical trick by Churchill...and now Big Lips Valanka.
Form a new Party,get elected and then disband the new party for a Portfolio in the Congrerss or elected Party of the day.
A Ministerial Portfolio is very important for Churchill.It is his  bread and butter and a ticket to "MASSES" of wealth.
If Churchill does not get elected, he will not blame himself or his policies,but the election proccess.He will call it a FIX.
he will claim the Elections were unfair.He will claim it was corrupt.He will claim that a lot of money,cycles,scooters,rice,biryanis etc exchanged hands.He will claim that the Electorate got bribed.He will claim that the EVM machines which count votes was rigged and faulty.
Being unable to admit defeat graciously, he will request a recount or fresh elections or stage a Bandh, morcha,protest rally  as fast or hunger strike.
He will make various people(if not elected) scapegoats and his prime scapegoat will be Mickky Pacheco.

Nisar786 said...

this is the right chance to throw churchill out of power.we dont need him any francis xavier please pray to god and save our beautyfull goa.people of goa take care of valanka she to is like her father sweet talks but no work.

Shambuswamy said...

Ironically Maharashtrawadi Papa Rane is trying to arm twist Churchill and Reginald - MOI as English issue. This hardcore Maharashtrawadi is hell bent on scuttling the brave decision of the government to give grants to english medium primary schools. He is a big rogue and a silent and polished assasin who has looted Goa for the last 3 decades, but his constituents from sattari are still wallowing in poverty.

This Papa Rane family fears that if the Sattari voters become literate their autocratic rule in thes areas where they exploit them will be challenged and hence they want to keep them illiterate and poor permanently

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