MY SUNDAY MASS by Willie Menino Severes Majorda (Dubai)

After temples, church authorities too have decided to tighten norms for “wayward and disrespecting tourists” and reinforce measures they had attempted in the past to maintain decorum. Why point fingers at others when our very own Goan women don't maintain decorum for church services?
I remember these words from Late Jacint Vaz’s song NYLONANCHEM LUGOTT, where he sings,
"Chintlear adleam zantteanchem, nessop rith-mannsugechem
Atanchim bhurgim nestat tem, nessop nhoi re sonspachem
Padri babdde bob martat, konn aikotat padrinchem
Igorjen nailon nestoch, mis pirdear dusreachem”
I’m sure Late Jacint Vaz was mentioning about Goan women in his song.“Dhuv style korta munn, Maim copy marta” is the scenario in today’s Goa. I am not insulting Goan women here, but these norms should be applicable to Goans as well. “Clean up your own backyards before looking into others”, is what I say.


Emediavoice said...

The Songs of late J. Vaz has a interpretation meaning in layman language.We don't think the lines narrated in the song is on the "Dress code" rather than "human character". We met him many years prior to his death and once he spoke to us on his numerous songs" My songs have a meaning with interpretation". Good Willie for remembering this icon J. Vaz. and let us not forget his partner M Boyer.

D.JUSTIN said...

In ST Peter's Basilica ,Rome ,the ladies are allowed only if they wear proper dress. The same should be done in all the churches of Goa; once refuse they'll never do it again.The church is the house of God and not the stage of fashion show.

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