18TH JUNE! by Joel Moraes, Cuncolim

On this great day, I remember the first Chief Minister of Goa, late Dayanand Bandodkar for working day and night to merge Goa with Maharashtra.  I remember the father of Opinion poll, Jack Sequeira, not forgetting Ulhas Buyao,Babu Naik etc for saving Goa from the merger with Maharashtra.
I remember Floriano Vaz who sacrificed his life at a very young age during the Konkani agitation and Nilesh Naik who laid down his life to save his village from the pollution of Nylon 6,6.
I remember another Nilesh from Cavrem who dared to fight against the rich mining lobby.  I remember the Digamber Kamat government who in the name of Regional Plan 2011 had plans to finish Goa for all.I remember the then GBA who gave a wake up call to all goans against the said regional plan and saved Goa.I feel very sad for the death of the then GBA.
I thank Digamber Kamat in particular for the progress of Monti-dongor at Margao. I thank all those concerned who made MOI as a issue for their personal gains when there is a clear choice available.
I thank all those who supported the Bandh on the 6th June and causing a great inconvenience to the innocents.
I strongly condemn the death of the two tribal youth at the Balli violence and also thank all those who caused great inconvenience to the innocent citizens of this country by blocking the train tracks,the roads and not even sparing a ambulance.


Nisha Pednekar said...

Bandodkar was the traitor right from the beginning before our unasked liberation.  My father used to tell us that this crooked minded Bandodkar used to do smuggling into Goa of the outsiders called Indians to sabotage the systems of Goa.  The statue of Bandodkar should be demolished and instead the statue of Dr. Sequeira should be put up.  The miramar monument to this traitor of Goa should also be demolised completly

D.JUSTIN said...

The monument of the Bandodkar traitor should be painted with the mixture of shit and urine.

Perdro Lopes said...

Whoever has built this monument, are all Maharashtrien lovers, you are right this statue should be demolished as soon as possible, Unfortunately it can only be done after Independence.

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