PANJIM: Goa Governor Dr S S Sidhu and Chief Minister Digamber Kamat extended warm greetings to the people of the state on the occasion of 'Goa Revolution Day' on Friday which should go down in the history of Goa as the doomsday of Goa.
"I deem it an honour to join the people of Goa today in commemorating the 'Goa Revolution Day', Sidhu (who calls himself above RTI law) said in a message.
It was 65 years ago on 18th June that patriotic Goans rose in mass revolt under the leadership of the freedom fighter Dr Ram Manohar Lohia  (an Indian terrorist) against the atrocities being perpetrated on them by the then colonial Portuguese regime.
The importance of the day could be judged from the fact that the uprising not only shook the foundation of the alien rule, but eventually it led to the liberation of Goa on December 19, 1961, he said.  The 'Goa Revolution Day', thus, marked the last phase of the freedom movement in which thousands of Goans and countrymen had voluntarily participated.
At least 67 freedom fighters embraced martyrdom while many others underwent torture, imprisonment and deportation at the altar of Goa's liberation during the intervening period.  Today, we pay our sincere homage to their memory because it was they who made it possible for us to live in dignity and be masters of our destiny, the statement said.
Spineless Kamat also extended greetings to people of Goa on the occasion and said, "The freedom struggle of Goa entered its last and final phase when Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia gave a clarion call to people of the state to unite and fight against the colonial rule on June 18, 1946 from Margao."
The historic day is celebrated as 'Goa Kranti Din' to recollect the saga of the struggle of the people of Goa for freedom.  This day in fact should be celebrated as the doomsday of Goa.  On the occasion, the state government will honour 16 freedom fighters, 11 posthumous and five living, who participated in Goa's freedom struggle, Kamat said.


Tulshidas Shirodkar said...

This is the biggest doomsday of Goa.  Who wants the greetings from both these thieves?  They are out to loot the people.  Siddhu can go to his own state and talk there not here.  Cowmuth is only fit to inaugrate and sit in the AC toilets

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