PANJIM: A copy of the Police noting sheets obtained by Adv. Aires Rodrigues under the Right to Information Act has revealed that the Ribandar Church molestation case involving the then Ribandar Parish Priest, Fr. Newton Rodrigues was investigated by then Crime Branch Police Inspector Mrs. Ezilda D’Souza who herself was a parishioner of Ribandar Church.
According to the file notings an F.I.R was registered on 18th August 2004 against Fr. Newton Rodrigues for having allegedly molested a 13 year old girl. The F.I.R was registered against him under Sec 354 of IPC and Section 8(2) of the Goa Children’s Act. The mother in her complaint had stated that Fr. Newton Rodrigues had taken the minor girl to his bedroom on the pretext of confession and had molested her.
The notings further reveal that Fr. Newton Rodrigues himself in his statement to the police had stated that while he was pointing to the pendant worn by the minor girl, his hand by mistake touched her breast. Fr. Newton Rodrigues in his statement further stated that when the victim’s mother came and abused him after the incident he had apologized to the mother of the victim.
After the investigation of the case the then Senior Superintendent of Police (Crime) on 30th August 2004 opined that the Fr. Newton Rodrigues be charge sheeted and a draft charge sheet was also prepared. The Director of Prosecution had also opined that it was a fit case for charge sheeting the accused priest Fr Newton Rodrigues.
The file notings show that on 17th September 2004 the Investigating Officer of the case Inspector Mrs. Ezilda D’Souza, a parishioner from Ribandar sought advice from her superiors whether the charge sheet against Fr. Newton Rodrigues be filed with or without arresting him. On 22nd September 2004 the Superintendent of Police directed that the charge sheet against Fr. Newton Rodrigues be filed without arresting him.
Within four days, on 28th September 2004 the victim girl in a letter to the Director General of Police stated that the complaint against the priest was filed under pressure. Then Goa Governor Mr. S.C Jamir also stepped in and directed that the case papers be sent to the Public Prosecutor in the High Court and the Advocate General for their recommendation. Governor Jamir also directed that the file be forwarded to him before a final decision in the case is taken.
On 14th July 2005 the whole file was sent to Governor S.C. Jamir and on 31st August 2005 the police submitted a report to the Children’s Court that the case against Fr. Newton Rodrigues be closed.
The question that remains unanswered is as to why and at whose behest Governor S.C Jamir intervened in the matter? Was it to save Fr. Newton Rodrigues from being charge sheeted?
The noting sheets also show that the Crime Branch Police Inspector Mrs. Ezilda D’Souza who was handling the case dragged her feet in filing the charge sheet to the benefit of Fr. Newton Rodrigues. If the charge sheet was ready on 30th August 2004 with even the approval of the Director of Prosecution why was it not filed immediately? Was it because the Investigating Officer Mrs. Ezilda D’Souza was a parishioner of the same church? Was it also to give Fr. Newton Rodrigues enough time to pressurize the victim girl to withdraw her complaint?


Orlando Mazarello said...

What is wrong with Aires?  Why is he after this priest all the time?  I read on the blog somewhere that Aires was living in the ashram of Rajneesh.  What was Aires doing in that ashram where the day began with sexual orgies and ended with sexual orgies.  Can Aires shed some light on this?

Andy said...

Mr Orlando Mazarello...Are you a married Man and do you have a family or daughters???
If you do, Then you should understand what is Molestation Or are you also one like Fr Newton??? Let Aires live where he want to No one is interested BUT what we are interested is How come a man of God taken advantage of this minor girl??? He must have done lots more. If you are a Catholic??? Is the confession done in the BedRoom??? WakeUp Orlando!!!!

N.Fernandes-London said...

Hi Orlando:
This whole saga involving Aires and the MInor girl must be taken in its proper context.
As far as I know, a charge sheet was filed against Fr Newton (now known as Fr Niwton) fro mo;estation.Fr Niwton subsequently filed a case against Aires for breach of peace.
Both parties have been at each others throats,However Fr Niwton has excecerbated and increased the "HEAT" in filing a defamation case against Aires.
Aires must surely have faults.But I hope they can be dealt with on a separate and precise topic.

Anonymous the VIII said...

I would put it more lightly to Orlando. If you have a daughter and someone had molested her, would you criticize the people, your neighbours and friends who want to see the molester punished?

Orlando Mazarello said...

Yes Andy, I am a married man have one son and one daughter.  I agree with all the aspects of the case but this is an isolated incident and no one knows the actual truth.  Why has the mother of the victim and the victim herself withdrawn the case?  Why is it that Auda Viegas has not come forward on her statement omitted from the chargesheet?

N.Fernandes-London said...

HI Orlando:If I could kindly say to you & I am sure you will agree, that in Goa, on many occasions the "victim" is put under severe pressure to widthdraw allegations. In nearly all cases some finiancial or monetary bribe is given.
Recently in the German Rape case by Rohit Monseratte,His mother Jennifer sent a few Goan ladies with bags of money,pleading with the German Girls mother to widthdraw the allegation.
Mickky Pacheco is alleged to have given Nadia Torrados mother and brothers money or financial gratuties to clean up the evidence.
There are other instances,which do not come to my mind just now.But I am sure you are aware these things do take place in Goa and very often.

Regretably" the poor" do not have the financial capabilities or previleges to change allegations made about them. They are consequently tried in Court  and punished. 
If Mahanand Naik,was a very rich man, he would be roaming & glalvanting on the streets of Goa...perhaps looking for another victim.
There should ,under no circumstances, &  in a fair system, be one rule or Law for the Rich and another for the poor. 
The feelings and invasion of the body & private parts of this 13 year old minor should be taken into consideration.
Today, I am sure this girl is tainted by the whole experience.She cannot go about her daily life without being refered to as "the girl in the priest molestation case", both in her village or surrounding areas.This whole saga will be with her for the rest of her life.
Fr Newton a.k.a Fr Niwton ,has every right to defend himself,but instead, has chosen to escape justice.
In doing so, instead of limitig the damage, he has increased it with the defamation case, in Canada.

With the case now in progress , there seems  to be a lot more information coming out, that was originally intended to be hidden.
Who was trying to hide this information? And whose skin was to be saved?

N.Fernandes-London said...

Hi Orlando: in answer to your question, I can confirm that Aires is not only dealing with the Priest, but also the Governor and Advocate General. Additionaly under the RTI he has sought information on other issues that plague Goa & administration of it..

As for the Ashram, I am sure this is a personal matter for Aires ,as I know many people who go to such Ashrams to understand enlightenment through meditation.
Christian`s /Catholics  do so through Retreats or Pilgrimages.I have heard many Goans go to O.L of Valiankini as they believe in her healing properties, through reverence & prayer.
We have to separate ones religious beliefs from ones CIVIC duties.
As for the sexual orgies you describe, I am sure there must have been adult "Consent" given", if this is true or part of the elightenment proccess.I am sure Aires was "not forced" into these orgies or forced himself on them.
Once again I am sure Aires has plenty of faults.But are you and I excluded from them?

Orlando Mazarello said...

Exatly Mr. Fernandes, you have said it yourself.  Your last sentence says it all.  Even the priests are human beings and can err though they are not above the law.   So if Aires has plenty of faults the priest has one fault and no one is excluded from them.

Next thing is that the victim and her mother had a powerful backing of a powerful advocate like Aires then why should they be frightened and withdraw their complaint?  They could have approached Aires to help them in case they were threatened and I am sure that Aires would not have said no.

This only goes to show that there is more to it than meets the eye.  This is my feeling and my individualistic idea.

Orlando Mazarello said...

Exatly Mr. Fernandes, you have said it yourself.  Your last sentence says it all.  Even the priests are human beings and can err though they are not above the law.   So if Aires has plenty of faults the priest has one fault and no one is excluded from them.
Next thing is that the victim and her mother had a powerful backing of a powerful advocate like Aires then why should they be frightened and withdraw their complaint?  They could have approached Aires to help them in case they were threatened and I am sure that Aires would not have said no.
This only goes to show that there is more to it than meets the eye.  This is my feeling and my individualistic idea.

N.Fernandes-London said...

Hi Orlando: I think reading your remarks / comments you are suggesting that faults of anyone and everyone must be excused.
Aires is defending a case brought about by the Padre Newton, alleging breach of peace.
I am not sure what you are trying to suggest or state. But from reading your comment it gives me the impression that Aires should not defend himself as he has many faults....just like the Priest and should not bother defending himself and should leave the Priest alone.
I think you seem to be spending  more time discussing a persons faults rather than the merits and de-merits of the actual Court Cases in hand.You are deviating from the core subject.
Surely it is down to the Padre to prove breach of peace and doen to Aires to prove Molestation.They are not in Courts to deal with each others personal and human faults.They are there to apply the Law on transgressions.
I am sure you , have faults.Do not ever assume these faults you have, allow or permit you to comit an offence and go scot free.

Afedupgoan said...


After reading above all comments, article and specialy the comments of Mr. Orlando it seems to me that Mr. Orlando is adding a little kerosene to the razing fire on the molestation of the minor girl by unfatherly niwton,and enjoing the act, if other wise let me also put my finger in the little crevice as there is absolutely no space to put my hand.
The frequently used excuse used by the priests and their supporters which are dwindling day by day is they are also human beings.
I feel they are animal beings read the reasons yourself.
1) In an incident a priest deputed at Agonda Canacona was video filmed doing all things which no body is supposed to do except the NRI husband of the lady in the act, the recordings were submitted to the Canacona Police station and  copy submitted to the arch bishop, the bishops office wrote to the Police that they will take action and drop the case. The only action was the priest was transfered.
2) In another incident at Sadoshem a parishioner by mistake put one hundred rupee note in the collection tray. and was delighted to listen in the next weeks announcement the collection for the past Sunday as Rs.85.50. The said priest after transfer withdrew four lakhs plus from Goa Urban Bank Canacona branch.
3) In another incident at Shelim in Canacona a priest of our lady of Fatima chapel was constantly calling on the land line of the girl who was the youth president regarding lotteries the girl was informing him she doesn't want to come.Even then he didn't stop at this the father(daddy) of the girl went to the parochial house to question the priest when questioned the priest said i don't want to talk to him at that the daddy got angry and slapped the priest in the presence of other ladies present at the parochial house.
4) In another incident a priest of the Bhatpal church in Canacona was going to a ladies house after 9.00 P.M. whose husband was working abroad to teach her organ.
5) In another  incident another Priest of Bhatpal church in Canacona had a regular lady divorcee visiter on every friday and used to stay in the parochial house till sunday, when the parishners went witha complain to the bishops office they were politely told to get a proof. The same priest is seen entering and coming out from a ladies beauty parlour with not so good character at later part of the day.
6) In another incident a senoir priest of St theresa church in Canacona was a gambling adict and used to go to Margao almost daily to play cards. Later he had differences with the junoir and the parishners had to intervene and to calm down the situation.
7) Another priest of the same church was called the son in law of Rajbagh as people thought he had affair with the church clerk.the clerk was witnessed adjusting her skirt when she was coming out of the priests bedroom at 3.30 P.M. the witness got so angry he slapped the clerk then and there.
My dear friend Orlando i would be very delighted to talk to you on above topic and will be more then happy if you can change our perception about the ugly face of the priests in Goa.

dlp said...

Why were the Confessionals built in the first place, if the priests were allowed to hear confessions in their bedrooms? It would have been easier for all concerned. It would have been a social as well as repentance visit. Go to his bedroom and say "Hello Padre, How are you feeling today?" And the Padre would have shown his feelings by touching one's pendant or whatever.

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