QUE SERA, SERA by Freddy Agnelo Fernandes, Dubai

As I deliberate over the issues facing Goa and our responses to the crisis, past and present I just can’t help but relate our Goan “susegadh” attitude to a song sung by Doris Day, “Que sera sera, what ever will be will be, the future is not ours to see, que sera, sera”!
It is said that “Susegadh” is as synonymous with Goans, as the “lungi” is with South Indians, the lungi is worn, from the hip downwards covering the essentials of males, but “susegadh” a brand associated only with Goans, is suppose to be an invincible veil worn from head to toe by Goans in general and we Goans are yet to figure out if it’s a fact, factoid or a myth. We are indeed very much sandwiched between these impulses and even paranoid of its realities. Some who are ideologically inclined, claim it’s a fact alright but there are others
Goans, who think otherwise but certainly lack any form of substantiation, except armed with just their enormous Goan egoistic stance.
We Goans were subjected to over 400 years of “Salazarian” rule, we were least interested or did not believe in taking initiative to free ourselves from bondage. It went to such an extend that we needed the north Indian, Ram Manohar Lohia to arouse our patriotism but even then we could not send Salazar packing to Portugal and finally in 1961 when the mighty Indian army steamrolled over our beloved Goa, we ironically called it freedom.
We were “susegadh” for over 400 years, we were still “susegadh” when Goa was handed over to India as the spoils of war and even today we are “susegadh” while our beloved Goa is being raped, tortured, mutilated and blown apart, with the help of our bureaucrats and the security agencies, by the pimps and scavengers, whom we enthusiastically elect term after term ironically to protect the interests of Goa and Goans. After all these years, is “susegadh” still a myth or even a factoid turning into fact? In all earnest isn’t it “que sera, sera”?
As, a Goan, not too long a go said, “we Goans fought three major wars against the evil forces in Goa, unfortunately on all three occasions, it was Goans fighting fellow Goans”. Opinion Poll; Goans fighting pro Maharashtra Goans, Yes, a lot of people will say, we fought well then, we fought hard and retained our autonomy, but we did not win the war, even though we won the Opinion Poll, we failed to get rid of the pro Maharashtra lobby, as they were elected back into power, soon after the Opinion Poll, as a result of which, their detrimental ideologies still live on, infecting Goans at large.

During the Konkani agitation, Konkani lovers fighting pro Marathi Goans to safeguard our Goan Identity, Yes, during the Konkani agitation we again fought well, but did we win the war ? We got equal status for Konkani, was that a victory? Equal status only on paper for Konkani and “Konkanwadis” still divided. Then of course who can forget the fight against the RP2011 and SEZ?
Yet again Goans fighting, their very own elected Goan politicians who were trying to sell Goa to the highest bidder in the name of development. The whole of Goa united under the GBA, it was a dream of every Goan to be a part of that unity but sadly even though SEZ and RP 2011 lay buried, their resurrected incarnations are still strangulating Goa, did we really win the fight against RP 2011 and SEZ? No, my fellow Goans, all the three major wars on Goan soil never ever turned into complete victories, for the people and that is because of our “susegadh” attitude and I can safely say, it’s “que sera, sera” in the blood of Goans that’s leading Goa to doom !
Since the so called liberation, for around two decades the MGP, the same people who wanted Goa to be a part of Maharashtra, rode fast and far, on the backs of the ST, SC and BC. Then came the Congress flying high and might on the wings of secularism, roti, kapda aur makhan. A few mini revolts and the BJP tried to exercise their communal tentacles but then it did not last a full term, conspiracy, on whose foundation the BJP built it’s domain, was again responsible for it’s own down fall and Congress rose like the phoenix to lead corruption to unconquered heights, where as the MGP was slowly heading into oblivion. Has any party or entity worked for the interest of Goa and Goans? If not Why? The answer is most certainly blowing in the wind “que sera, sera”.
The last two decades or so have been the worst in Goa’s history, crime at its highest, corruption beyond repression and containment, good governance has become extinct like the Dinosaurs of yore, values and virtues are unheard of, in political circles.
It is the unarguable truth that illiterate, semi-literate and even literate hoodlums with little to lose and everything to gain, have got into politics as their only means of self-advancement and as such there is an abundance flow of cynicism, about the lack of principles amongst our politicians, for whom unearthed controversies and scams are no deterrents in perusing their inalienable greed for the need of power and fortune, which has infact forced disenchantment amongst the ordinary people everywhere, with the processes of our pathetic system of governance but it is still “que sera, sera”.
We are all aware, that this breed, of corrupt politicians, lack the courage and conviction to do good for their land and it’s people, we also know that they cleverly and inevitably recalibrate their lives and tunes to suite their agendas, turning adversity into advantage and comrades into adversaries, without even bothering to contemplate the quantum of damage, cynically twisting facts and figures to woo and enhance their own reputation and their ill-gotten wealth and yet when by chance some poor innocent soul slips and falls flat on his face, they are the first in the retribution queue.
So far none of our inept incumbent administrations or politicians have shown any allegiance to peoples causes nor the capacity to articulate and enact peoples governance, nor have they done anything to douse that flames of discontentment, anguish and insecurity of the Aam Aadmi, even then its “que sera, sera.”
Our politician’s antagonistic embrace just before elections should not be misinterpreted but should be identified with the devious embrace of Judas at Gethsemane. Let's not delude ourselves with their generosity when they throw a few favours or pieces of silver our way. We should take cognizance of Goa’s and Goans wellbeing, which infact should be our priority.
Goa’s issues today are poignant and if we truly love Goa as we claim, let’s show objectivity and shun all prejudices and not get carried away by euphoric upswing that follow minor gains, let’s all strive for total and overwhelming victories that will put an end to corruption, nepotism, crime and stagnant governance in Goa, once and for all, by electing people who will work in earnest to protect the interests of Goa and Goans. Let’s all show a worthy sense of decorum and commitment for a foreseeable progressive change in the near future and do away with our subversive and destructive “susegadh” attitude of “que sera, sera”. God bless Goans.


Gobor said...

We will clean Goa  Agnelo. And then you can think  coming back to Goa from Dubai.  And then  listen to Doris Day's  "Sentimental Journey"

Goan said...

what a commandable write up  on Goans. I  wish a few intellectual and educated people like you  could come together and rule our beloved Goa, But it will not happen dear friend bcause your write up says it all and I agree. Unless these Narvekars, churchills,Ranes, Luizinos,Monserrates,parikars,mummys,Digambers(outside voters King) etc.etc.  thrown out,Goa cannot be safe for us Goans.

Freddy Agnelo Fernandes said...

Gobor bab, Goa is not yours only to clean, "WE" is the need of the hour, please do not jump the gun, I may be in Dubai but be assured I have done and still do my bit when I am in Goa as well as from Dubai, so don't worry I am not one of those guys who doesn't walk the talk, Unity is the key, Dubai or in Goa it doesn't matter. If one has the heart and the mind that should be good enough.

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