Bedxell'olem Bharatiyancho Sonstha ani tanchem Munis Ltd. is what Goans have percieved is the real expansion of BBSM and this Company is Limited and waning but has unlimited liabilities. The uncivilised behaviour, the rise of the AXIS OF EVIL, the display of the demons, the hooliganism and the arrogance is what painted Goa pitch black on 6th June 2011.
People witnessed the true farce of Bharatiya Sonstha in many people including the BJP-MGP and UGDP for which they are very proud of. I have personally not heard of any apology till today from the Axis of Evil for yet another dark day in Goa's History.
The acts of vandalism, breaking buses, intimidating and forcible closure of businesses and losses suffered by these establishments was because of direct involvement of the bedxello'lem Sonstha of these irrational people. A protest for granting aid for English medium which is the international language is highly irrational an unjustified and this shows the character of the people educated in this language in some of the premier institutions including IITs and law colleges attended by prominent MLAs.
Although the BBSM lost their face because the parents stood by their children and all schools witnessed above 93% attendance on average, evil minds never stop working. Interestingly the MGP which supports the BBSM is still part of the government which implemented the MoI circular and so they really need to be congratulated for the rise of English proficiency in the paradise of the east.
The latest ultimatum of 18th June by BBSM which has expired yesterday is apparently a open challenge to 5 giants like Churchill who is the projected Man of Masses, Babush as Education minister, Ravi Naik as Home Minister responsible to maintain law and order, Mickkey as the one who stands for his people in Benaulim and finally Vijay Sardessai, an emerging celebrity of Fatorda whose birthday ads have made more publicity that Churchill Alemao himself and a now a challenger to Damu Naik's arrogance for strikes participated by the fundamentalist oriented BJP.
BBSM have openly defied the education minister by burning a copy of the official circular of the MoI which is an insult to respect associated with this sacred post and to the cabinet minister himself. But that is the maximum of the cowardly acts what BBSM could dare to do in a highly civilised and developed Taleigao constituency and BBSMs irrational bundh was a flop show there.
While Ravi has done his maximum to maintain law and order because of his no love lost for Churchill and Babush Monseratte, which is well known. BBSM's strength is so cowardly in Benaulim that they even get scared of the mice and cockroaches thriving there. They shiver and faint to take on Mickey for their shameful acts, who has proved that he is not only the undisputed leader of Benaulim but he is also the Giant Killer who has humbled the strongman Churchill. Only 2 words from Miccky were enough for BBSM, and they ran away from Benaulim so quickly that they did not even realize that their trousers, their Bharatiya dhotis and their Khaki type denim shorts had dropped down with fear and some even ran through the fields, some on the coconut trees and some into the sewage drains and hid there because even their leaders were too scared to answer their calls for rescue from Benaulim. While Vijay Sardessai is yet to insulate Fatorda from the hooligans who were just unstoppable on 2 different occasions, he shouldn't hesitate this time to stand up and teach the hooligans that Fatorda is not a place for the uncivilised beasts of communal disharmony. He needs to realise that what Fatorda needs is Freedom from Fear and not someone to publicize the placing a bust of the martyr Floriano which can be done even by people like me.
Now the final giant who thinks he is leader of masses, ironically has not been able to become a CM again after a short stint in the 1990s and instead of being advertised as leader of masses with pictures and felicitations beside the CM in guard, he should really prove himself rather than distribute water tanks and rice to some ''Posh Bikaris''.
Everyone admires his capabilities and are aware of his cannon ball which has sent tremours of very high magnitude to the golden kodel with intensities of G5 & G7. But interestingly he still lives in a virtual paradise of his own happy to be still a cabinet minister and without an ambition to sit in the golden kodel. While an ageing and white haired woman projected by BBSM proved that she heads the masses by inspiring her followers to paralysed the constituency of this strongman on 6th June when schools officially reopened.
This is really the dilemma or a myth whether there is a really a Man of Masses or a woman of masses. The rumour doing the rounds now is that bab Pikky Macheco will be the new macho man and the show-stopper who will be sponsoring a Live “Save Earth” Concert for Charity on the famous FATORDA GROUNDS to save the Goan Ecology from mining and this will feature none other than the sensational Shania Twain from Canada to perform her hit singles of 1999 including ''Man I feel like a Woman'' for the ‘’ek lakh lokank’’ to have their last laugh.


N.Fernandes-London said...

Hi Rupert:
I think "MAN OF THE MASSES" ,in its proper context,should  actually mean, a man (usually from VArca), that attends Church " MASS" every day and very often, in Valiankani, via his own Konkan Railway.

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