LAKRA KA TAKRA!!!!!! by Bendo Juze

Similalar to the Commonwealth Games since 2006 there is sporting event held called The Lusophony Games which involves athletes coming from Lusophone (Portuguese-speaking) countries, namely those belonging to the CPLP (Community of Portuguese Language Countries), but also others where there are significant Portuguese communities or that have a common past with Portugal. These include all Portuguese colonies.
Participating countries are founding members Angola, Brazil, Cape Verde, East Timor, Guinea-Bissau, Macao, China, Mozambique, Portugal and São Tomé and Príncipe, and associate members Equatorial Guinea, India(not Goa, as If Delhi was a Portuguese colony) and Sri Lanka.
In 2006 the games were held in Macau whilst the next and latest edition of 2009 was held in Lisboa. India managed to win 6 medals in Taekwondo and 1 in Volleyball. The names of the medal winners in Taekwondo are below
a) Men’s 68 Kg Gold: Chandan lakra
b) Men’s 80 Kg Bronze: Rajan Pandia
c) Women’s 49 KG Silver: Kavita Jangam
d) Women’s 57 KG bronze: Sherol Fernandes
e) Women’s 67 KG bronze: Rashmi Naik
f) Women’s +67 KG bronze: Reena Aranha
CHANDAN LAKRA? Does this seem to be someone who could be from a Portuguese Colony? Oriya sounding name, any case was Orissa ever under Portuguese rule? This same guy won a medal in 2006 too. No need of discussing the other outsider names in the list claiming to compete for a Former PORTUGUESE Colony. It was India who invaded and Drove out the Portuguese. Then why Do Indians try to gain sporting Fame by competing in Games for Portuguese colonies?
This seems similar to the case wherein a Panjabi was caught trying to enter the European Union by making a Portuguese Passport, Claiming he was a Goan. When this creep failed Portugal raised alarm over the misuse of Portuguese passports. The same tricks were Played by Gujus claiming to be from Damao and Keralites claiming to be Goans. India Drove away the Portuguese then why are they using Portuguese privilages to Gain Fame?
My Goan Brethren, In 2013 the Lusophone games is scheduled to be in Goa. Just watch how many Indians will try too entering playing and competing with International standards. This will be a loss to the real Goan heart as we will be neglected by the aythorities considering other Indians. Wish someone will look into this and scrutinize who is taking part and allow only True Goans to participate.


Gobor said...

Bendea. Thanks for pointing your lady finger to these hypocrites. A nice fact based article.

dlp said...

Participation of only Goans should be strictly monitored by our CM (Chor Minister) and the Sports Minister. Indians will definitely take this chance to grab the highlights with the help of the so-called "Centre" dumping Goans aside as we usually see and has seen it happeniing more often than not.

Pratap said...

Is Naguesh Karmali aware of the events? He must protest againt India's participation in the colonial portuguese sports events

Perdro Lopes said...

Well it looks like India is excepting indirectly it was a portuguese property and Goa a Portuguese province. All medels won by the invader Indians should be purified by karmali using Shashikalas urine. (anything other then that would be unholy for karmali the freedole farter of Goa)

As we are now the colony of India, Goa could be denied the pleasure to participate if Invader Indians are not enroled in the Lusophony Games. It's the Goa's Government obligation to see that only Goans or the people of Damao Diu, Nagar Haveli should participate or even from Bombay, other then that should not be allowed.

When Invader India takes part in the Lusophony Games as if it was a province of portugal. Then the Government of Goa / Invader India should have and encourage MoI in Portuguese in all over India, starting with Bihar.

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