VASCO: A total of 52 students of a government school in Goa have been hospitalised after they complained of nausea soon after eating their mid-day meal Wednesday, an official said.  The Official said that while most of the students from Murgao High School in Vasco, 35 km from here, were discharged after preliminary treatment, the condition of two students was critical. The two children have been admitted to the Goa Medical College.
The meal was prepared by a local self-help group at a school in Vasco, assistant director (Education) Anil Powar said.  "The education department has started an inquiry into the incident," he said, adding that a first information report (FIR) had been filed against the head of Ganesh Self-Help Group, which prepared the meal for the school students.
Deputy Superintendent of Police Mahesh Gaonkar said the police were looking for Urmila Salgaonkar, who ran the self-help group.  "As far as we know, she is missing because we have tried searching for her everywhere," Gaonkar said.
In August last year too, Salgaonkar was arrested after students complained of nausea after eating food served by her group. Soon after the incident, the education department blacklisted her group


Vicente E. Do Rego said...

Damn to this most corrupt system and that too playing with the lives of innocent childrens. Education Minister should be pulled over. The contractor Saraswati Mahila Mandal Self-Help Group run by Urmila Salgaonkar of Vasco. This SHG was responsible for preparing and supplying the mid-day meals. The food poisoning case is a repeat case with the same contractor way back in 2009 it has been reported then how come the contract remained with this group?. Look at how bribery can overtake someones life. First of all Minister and those responsible should resigned henceforth, but this will not happen in bloody filthy and corrupt India and same filth has been imposed on us Goans. If it was in western country Minister would have been answerable in court besides loosing his job as well as career. But this scoundrels will stick to their chair even if there was casualty. Thank God for saving these helpless children.

Gobor said...

Thank God they have "sorpa"tel  on their menu !!! hisssssssh!

Gobor said...

A post-mortem should be conducted on the lizard. to see the cause of its death.
Who knows in the battle among the Self-Help-Groups  to win the supply contract  somebody might play the sabotage game of putting the lizard in the food  deliberately.

Diogo Fichardo said...

It is a shame even innocent children Going to school are not safe eating what is cooked for them. In spite of being blacklisted she was allowed to operate again. This is the Indian and not the Goan way of life.

Gobor said...

the Self Help groups are actually migrant Ghanti women

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