IS THE MAYOR OF PANJIM SUPERSTITIOUS? by Adv. Aires Rodrigues, Ribandar

Is the Mayor of Panjim superstitious? After refusing to sit in the Mayors’s car which was earlier used by his predecessors Tony Rodrigues and Caroline Po he has also got the antique Mayor’s chair changed. Will he now also ask for a new desk? He may also seek a new door for his cabin or change the cabin itself.
The belief in superstitions cannot be at the cost of the CCP. Mr. Mayor, you have been in office for over three months and the people of Panjim have been waiting to see the city change. Mr. Yatin Parekh, you seem to be concerned only about yourself.


Shambuswamy said...

This is the price for electing a Ghantti like Parekh as the mayor of our prestigious capital Panjim. I remember once some years back, when the BPL mobile was running a high pitched ad campaign which said - ''Deep down everyone is a Goan" I put pen to paper and mailed to the BPL  people that " BORN A GHANTTI, ALWAYS A GHANTTI''. Within days the campaign was withdrawn.   This article reminds me of that same phrase as it applies aptly to the Gujrati Ghantti mayor of our beloved Panjim.

The superstitions, dirty habits, uncivilised behaviour, back-stabbing, sychophancy, pan-spitting and ghantti culture never dies even if they spend yeras in Gova (as the ghanttis say). Only thing they learn is to wear a shirt and pant.

Shame on the people who have thrust this Ghantti on our capital and degraded its image. Are the Goans in the ruling dispensation not caable of heading the CCP? Or do ghanttis make good collection agents from all the non-goans contractors,traders,builders, pan-wallahs etc?

Gobor said...


Dalia said...

He must be following Gujrathi traditions. Most of the Gujus are SUPERSTITIOUS.

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