CHURCHES AND POLITICIANS by Diogo Lazarus Pereira, Oman

The recent courage shown by our two priests Fr. Eremito and Fr. Kevin Rodrigues in standing shoulder to shoulder with the villagers of Arrosim in the murderous death of Melvyn Gomes should be highly appreciated by every Niz Goenkar. Their support has strengthened the cause of the villagers to help bring to book the culprits and strengthen the unity. The move is seen by all as a social cause without trails of any political flavour.
Recently, the cunning politicians have been using the sacred Altar through some priests of Goa to advertise their goodies to the parishioners and the people of the village. This is absolutely a bad trend and these priests should stop using the sacred altar to advertise for these politicians. At the end of the Sunday mass, after lengthy sermons, people are made to sit and wait before the sacred final blessing to listen to some important announcements.
This has been a way or method for centuries but only matters related to Church affairs were announced. Recently we have been hearing from the sacred altar that the local politician will be distributing books, saplings, medicines, etc. etc. Why are these announcements made in the churches? Is the Church taken as a platform to launch their gimmicks to fool the people? Why not is it done privately or through the village panchayat?
Church should not allow these politicians to influence the people from the holy altar. The priests should refuse to advertise for these politicians’ personal schemes. The Church does know very well that the distribution of these items is from the ill-gotten wealth, and even if it was from their own hard earned money, the Church should not allow these politicians to bribe the people in the name of God’s service from the Holy Altar. The priests who make these announcements may feel these politicians are angels but it is a known fact that they are wolves in sheep’s attire.
The Bishop should take note of these happenings and instruct all churches to stop the trend of advertising these politicians through the back door and try to fool the innocent church-goers. Why should the Church be allowed to advertise that these politicians will distribute books, saplings, medicines, etc. If these politicians are sincere and really mean what they say, they should donate these items to the Church unanimously and ask the priests to distribute them to the needy.
I challenge even one so-called God fearing politician to come forward and do it. Then I will admit that he is really God fearing and good thoughts flow through his mind. On the same platform I challenge the priests who bow to the demands or requests of these politicians and tell them straight on the face that they will not make these announcements in the Church. The Church is God’s Sacred House and not a Tiatr stage.
On two recent incidents related to these announcements, I took courage to meet the concerned priests and lodged my protest. I was assured that it will not be repeated. I would humbly request all readers to kindly do the same if you encounter a similar incident or have a word prior to its happening. Let us not allow the dirty and corrupt politicians to tempt the parishioners and villagers, with their political lollipops, through our Priests and the most holy institution of God. I hopefully look forward that the Bishop takes notice of this information and act swiftly before the church becomes a political stage.


JoeGoaUk said...

I fully agree.
Also, the Church should not accept any donations or sponsorships  from the Polititians. e.g.
Cansaulim Church accepted donation from Mauvin whereas our Agxi church X'Mas crib was sponsored by Silveira brothers and their bigger than lifesize photos were displayed at the entrance of the Church premises on two large billboards

Vicente E. Do Rego said...

I totally agree with you Diago, Church is Church a religeous Institute and not a stage to do anouncement for the distribution of goodies from loot by corrupt politicians. I fully endorse your view, Bishop should take a not of this and issue stern warning to churches around Goa to keep away themselves acting as agent of CHORS. Church instead should encourage it's parisherners to shun these politicians and elect good integrity people to improve the life and living condition of villagers.

Diogo Fichardo said...

Lazarus i fully agree with you Religion, Politics and Sports are three different entities and should not be using each others grounds. But in Goa Politicians (Mainly the corrupt ones) have been using both Religious and sporting events as their advertising tools, and should be stopped by their piers. 

Gobor said...



ordinary man said...

specially cunning and crook politicians using church and priest as their political tool those days have passed now pooling goan people  goans are become smarter now example land protest in orlim village bali incidents  now time is come to educate  illitrate goans some corrupt politicians days are numbered now

Agusto Kumpar said...

The Goan politician loots the public exchequer left right and centre and then it weighs on his conscience so then he tries to appease Goa and his fellow Goans uses the naive priests and the Archdioscese of Goa to do his money laundering gives 10 % to God and rest he pockets to feather his ( politician ) nests !!! The Church justifies it saying that mother Theresa also received money  from the Mexican drug cartel !!! Its time now for the Goa Catholic  Church to make its stand clear,on whether  it absolves its obsceneingly rich politicians of its corruption and money laundering as per the directives of the Vatican on the modern mortal sins and stops hobnobbing  with these scoundrels. The Goan Catholic Church needs to draw a line whether its for corruption in public office or against it there are no two ways about it !!!

Dalia said...

The Bishop will not object to this behaviour of some priests as he like to remain silent on many issues including the sale of church properties. Politicians not only use the Holy Altar to pass on the messages but some priests are even seen canvassing for certain politicians. Church and Politics should be separated by every follower of the religion and disrupt any announcements made from the altar on behalf of the politicians.

N.Fernandes-London said...

I agree with everyone who has commented so far.
The Church & Priests should offer Moral and not Political guidance.The Church should rfemain as neutral as possibe.
However in Goa these days, the weight, size & amount  of the Donation from Politicians and greed of the Padres dictates morality to Society & Parishoneers.
However I think Goans are much smarter.
Whenever I am down in Goa , I hear friends & people  talk about Priests as being a greedy lot.
Everytime I am down , I am accosted for a donation.It amazes me how fast news of my arrival spreads.

Dalia said...

What a shame! The parish priest of Agassaim Fr. Joncy should have asked Francis Silveira to sit in the crib as St. Joseph and his three brothers as the Three Kings from Xmas until the feast of Three Kings. It would have been a better advertisement, live crib. What a shame!

Pisso said...

I am a bit confused with all these opinions. Who can tell me why Sadus (Hindu priest s) can take part in politics but christian cannot ? Are they not citizens of India ? But at the same time I am opposed to the pulpit being used by christian priests. They can call for a meeting outside the chruch and tell whatever they want. Whom to support and whom not.

Don Quixote said...

Church should remain outside politics and priests should refrain from advertising for politicians. Priests are delivering a wrong message as people tend to take their word as the word of God.

N.Fernandes-London said...

Hi PIsso:
There is a saying that - "POLITICS & RELIGION DO NOT MIX WELL".
They are diagonally opposed to each other.
SADHUS are not Hindu priests , but in fact MYSTICS or ASCETICS.
They believe the passage to God & enlightenment is through YOGA. 

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