MARGAO: While intensifying their protest against the government's decision to give grants to English in primary schools, the public meeting called by Bhartiya Bhasha Suraksha Manch (BBSM) at Lohia Maidan on Saturday received an overwhelming response.
Over 4,000 people, predominantly prominent Margao citizens-the constituency represented by chief minister Digambar Kamat-gathered at Lohia Maidan from 4 pm till about 8 pm. The crowd braved heavy rains and the presence of a rapid action force and central reserve police force battalions manning the venue.
BBSM activists Shashikala Kakodkar, Uday Bhembre, Aravind Bhatikar, Naguesh Karmali, Sameer Kelekar, Anacleto Viegas, Rajendra Hegde, Bhiku Pai Angle, Pundalik Naik, Fr M Athaide, Subhash Velingkar, Prashant Naik and Santosh Pai Raiturkar, who addressed the gathering termed the signature campaign by the government a "signature scam". Speaker after speaker termed the 52,000 signatures of parents in favour of English a "fake" and claimed that the BBSM could get 16 lakh signatures if the government wanted proof of the massive support for Konkani and Marathi. Claiming that Saturday's meeting was organized to mark the completion of one month of the medium of instruction (MoI) circular, BBSM demanded that the government call back the circular or allow the BBSM to further intensify the movement.
Athaide said, "We will not stop our movement till the government revokes its decision." Lambasting PWD minister Churchill Alemao on his baseless stand on the MoI issue, Bhembre said that Alemao was trying to fool people. "It is unfortunate that our chief minister is being misled by an uneducated man like Churchill who knows only the language of corruption," he added.
Psychiatrist Rajendra Hegde stated that people of Goa should lodge an FIR against Digambar Kamat for cheating and breach of trust. The meeting concluded amidst slogans of Vande Mataram Barat Mata Ki Jai and BBSM activists resolved to take the movement to every taluka in the days to com


Anonymous the VIII said...

BBSM only knows to bullshit! They are too blind to see how many children in Goa's Primary schools have opted for English. That is a better gauge to know public opinion. That is what is irritating them all the more. All they want now is to bring obstacles as too many students are opting for English which will mean closure of Marathi Primary Schools. BBSM will not even get 100 supporters who know to sign their names. They can only hire people to show their strength.

Usko Goenkar said...

Is this really true? Did it really happen as mentioned in the news article? How come so many people in Salcette could turn up for such a meet? Am really confused here? Is it that the BBSM is gaining momentum? What is the counter measures? Why all this Drama, when the Parents of True Goans have already spoken?

Neville said...

The BBSM cronies are really shameless, time and again the same old dogs barking against the MOI, looking for attention on these politically failed creatures supplemented by the childless (?) padri. I really wish they would all perish ASAP.

Nizachogoenkar said...

16 lakh signatures? The Poppulation of Goa is just 14 Lakh Including Babies, disabled and aged. This means BBSM will even get Paid Signatures from Maharashtra.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Am I not correct??????
Caught the Rogues

Usko Goenkar said...

The ruling Party can’t do shit about this, if they really wanted to, then they would have stopped these Filthy BBSM Maggots long ago and not allowed it to get out of hand, guess its now left to the People of Goa to make a change!

Usko Goenkar said...

hehehe you bet, their Maharashtra relatives will land their Thumb impressions to have 1.6 Million Signatures, these people are so low, they’ll go to any extent to prove their point,
it’s also strange to notice, that after the people of Goa have spoken and its already been implemented, what is the present Government doing?  

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