MARGAO: A keen tussle is on the cards to control the affairs of the Goa Barge Owners Association (GBOA) With elections to elect a new Managing committee scheduled on June 29, Warren Alemao has thrown his hat in the ring and has floated his own panel against incumbent President Atul Jadhav.
Alemao accused Jadhav for neglecting the affairs of the GBOA and called for a change in the committee. Alemao said his panel, if elected, will try to extend IV limit to Port limit and insist on DG shipping to not implement order of compulsorily registering barges with MMD under RSV.
Besides Warren, other members of his panel include Sidharth Malik, Raymond De Sa, Jerson Braganza, Capt Estibeiro, Johann Fernandes, Piolinho Baretto, Balkrishna Deshprabhu and Derick Vales. - Courtesy Herald


N.Fernandes-London said...

Having been an accessory, to a Rape of a Minor German Girl with his buddy Rohit Monseratte, I guess Warren Alemao must be now aiming to, Rape the Goa Barge Owners Assoc.This Rape will not be a physical one...but a Monetary one.
Seeing Churchill, Joaquim , Yuri & Valanka, currently Raping,Plundering & looting Goa`s wealth,with the hub of their nefarious activities around Benaulim, Varca & Navelim, through various Governmental and non-Governmental bodies and as members of various Associations,Warren must be feeling he is an under -acheiver.Hence in order not to be undone or out-done, by the  Corrupt Alemao Bandwagon, he is looking to enhance his street credibility.
As every Goan knows & will vouch, by now, the Alemaos have a failed Advocate in Valanka & failed & grounded Pilots in their sons.
They have all assumed new and unchallenging roles & professions( if you can call it that) as "Social Workers" .
It is quite obvious that their Graduation certificates or Diplomas were purchased by their Father & Rogue of Goa, Churchill Alemao.
Every educated & intelligent Goan must know that "stinking" & "diseased " animals,whether human or otherwise, attract parasites & maggots.This is also true & visible with the Alemao Family.Using the perfume of Looted Money, &decaying morals,they are well known, to attract a lot of parasites & maggots.
Lets hope , at the coming elections and in the case of Warren,The Alemao Clan will be flushed out completely.
It has also become apparent recently, that one of Churchills daughters has been dis-owned by the family for marrying a "SHIPPE".It must be a case of this daughter marrying into a family of a lower caste or lower economic or educational background.
What is amusing, is that Churchill encourages and actually assists Goan Boys to work on ships.I believe his charge or  going rate is Rs. 1 Lakh currently.I will put this down to the economic inflation rate and the bad shape of world economies & notably Greek Shipping Companies.
Any Goan Boy,who is aspiring to marry Valanka (who is well overdue in this Holy Sacrament,( unless her face whiteningproject, has not completed its full  course ) ,should avoid becoming a "WATCHMAN" , proposed by Churchill as the profession of all professions,in the Raheja Project.
My personal recomendation for any Goan Boy ,who aspires to marry Valanka, is to become a Graduate in Loot & Commissions. You must  Graduate or have a Diploma in Mathematics & Calculus .A diploma( a paper one will do for framing) or Course in innagurations and  innagural etiquettes would be helpful.Also note, you have to be physically fit, as these innagural events now take place virtually every day, for anything & everything.The schedule, is extremly busy for Valanka.
Allso remember, to please your father-in -law,and be seen as worthy of his daughters  hand in marriage,you must have the physical ability to carry jute sackfuls of money around.


omygoa(Jacinto) said...

Lets be honest! Barge owners association has been lead by a non Goan for a while. Any Goan who wants to occupy this post should be supported by our fellow Goans. Let it be WARREN, RAYMOND OR OTHER. Mr Jadav used this position for his personal gain.He wants to extend his power for the support of non Goans.He made a request to Goa government to allot SEZ area for barge factory so that he can bring in more non Goans from his home town.This man should be thrown out of the committe.We Goans gave them bread,now they want to rule us.Its time we keep all differences at a side and chose a Goan person to be a our leader.

goan said...

the idea of goan is good, why warren A let ladru or pedro, sripad or another goan..

Dalia said...

Very well said Goan. It is not with concern that Alemao family is in politics but to loot at every given opportunity. Warren is not yet employed or working in any organization, not yet earning his daily bread through labour but moving in a BMW SUV costing close to a crore of rupees. Did anyone thought from where the money came to buy and roam in such a costly car? Whose money? Fathers money...right...fathers money. From where did his father got it? By looting the Goan exchequer. Right?  By corruption and extortion. I agree with omygoa that we need to have a Goan to occupy the post but not Warren the rapist for sure. Warren is now making his grip more stable on ammasing wealth like his father by looting Goa. As N. Fernandes mentioned, he will not only loot the Barge owners but monetarily rape them. 

renoir said...

Rightly commented........., once those hot chairs are occupied one does'nt need a salary. Commissions alone get multiplied by the minute, Assets get  amassed overnight, source's of income are anyones guess, yet no tax department will ever investigate them or question them. Having said all this, any donation or a sponsor  from them is called " Social work".

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