BAN POLITICIANS FROM SPORTS by Willie Menino Severes, Majorda (Dubai)

Our politicians seem to spread their tentacles everywhere. Nowadays, no sport in India is free from interference of politicians. Almost every association is run by a politician or bureaucrat. Administering sports is surely not their core skills. So why sports bodies should be governed by corrupt politicians and bureaucrats as if it is their inheritance? They have proved to be incompetent and corrupt administrators, ruining sports in this country.
In Goa, we have MLA Dayanand Narvekar as President of Goa Cricket Association (GCA), PWD Minister Churchill Alemao as President of Goan Hockey Association, and Former MLA Farrel Furtado Gracias as the joint vice-president of Indian Hockey Federation (IHF) and Secretary of Goan Hockey Association. In 2001, Narvekar was famously arrested for his alleged involvement in a ticket scam during the fifth one-day international between India and Australia. In Dec 2010, a former Goa Cricket Association (GCA) official demanded his resignation for allegedly forging documents to allow his son Ganeshraj play in under-15 category tournaments. So, how do our politicians get easy entry into sports associations knowing their past records and with little or zero knowledge of the sport?
The time has come for us to propose a ban on our politicians, as they are responsible for India's poor record in sports. They should make way for people who have been successful in sports. If not, Indian sport faces a bleak future.


renoir said...

It doesnt appear to be just inheritance but rather their birth right to govern sports bodies. India with a population of over a Billion Plus should be  minting Gold medals at major sporting events, but how many do we come back with ? forget even being selected in some areas.Selection in many a case's have been done not on merit of a sportsperson but rather on his political patronage and pull. Yet we call it sportsmanship. Its unfortunate that poltics has entered every level of our life and corrupted the entire system. We need to seriously purge this influence and interference of politics from the sports arena if we are going to reckon  ourselves in the field of sports.

N.Fernandes-London said...

Most of the Politicians i Goa that own or are in Charge of Sports clubs, have done so with the proceeds from criminal and corrupt activity.
They are also on a large ego trip.
There is  a strange phenomenon at play here.
Feeling guilty of stealing & looting,and in the case of Churchill smuggling,they use Chairmainships or Sponsorships of Sport & sports bodies to equalise their guilt.
Everyone knows the Alemao family is extremely corrupt.Some are afraid to say it.But I am sure many are aware that Chiurchill spends the "PEOPLES" money he has managed to steal & loot, usuing various guises.
It is quite absurd and  offensive to sponsor a Football Tournament in the name of Churchills dead brother Alvernaz.
Alvernaz was a first class smuggler and was co-assisted by his brothers in his activities.The Alemao`s are guilty of the death of Alvernaz,who was shot dead by a Policeman of legendary repute called Costa.
Organising Football Tournamenents in the name of Alvernaz will never, in the mind of Goans, admionish the criminal activities of Churchill, Joaquim & the whole family.
The Alemao clan can organise as many Tournaments and be owners of as many Sporting activities....but they will always be seen as Criminals of the First order.
I suppose one way of getting rid of "HOT MONEY" is through Sporting sponsorships.

N.Fernandes-London said...

The event that India will get the highest Gold medals and break records is "Corruption" & "Scams"

Anand Desai Mopa said...

We may try to ban politicians from sports, but politicians buy their way into sports through their crumb eaters. 

Salvador Seraulim said...

Due to political interference Goan sports have suffered a massive downfall, and yet due to lack of finance sporting clubs look towards politicians  for help.

Perdro Lopes said...

In Football political interference is banned, if known then FIFA bans the country from international football. It happend to Iraq and even Portugal learnt it the hard way.

Dalia said...

Goan politicians are themselves very good sportsmen in the sports of looting Goa. They are good in racing and can put a horse to shame. Or else they would have been caught by the police and the law. They are far ahead in the race of looting Goa. We people too race and try to catch these politicians but we are bound only to wheel chair racing. If we get up and move our feet against these politicians, the police will break our hands and feet. A few policemen like pimp Jivba Dalvi, Chandrakant Salgaocar are no less in the police force of Goa who allow these politicians to race faster ahead of law, above the law. I pray that all Niz Goenkars though slow and steady will win the race in the next coming elections by pushing these corrupt politicians and their crumb eaters in their septic tanks.

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