Indian Govt must not interfere in internal affairs of Goa and Goan People. Its is against Geneva Convention for occupying power to meddle in an occupied state of Goa , Daman & Diu. The international community must be kept informed on this gross violation against the Goan people.
What was the Indian reserve battalion doing in Goa?? .. protecting the mining assets for Indian corporates, for sure .which incites resentment,among our fellow Goans, when our mineral rich soil is carted away to fill the Indian coffers and their corporate minions- these borderline savages lack compassion and human decency for the poor and the downtrodden.. they will offer monetary compensation to silence the crime in a hurry It always points to their guilt. Was the Indian Reserve police involved in the crime ?? We don't know ?? but given its antecedents it will not be a surprise> UN Agency should be notified and must be involved in the genocide of Goan youth. ( there are no tribal's in Goa , they are just Goans with equal rights and dignity of fellow Goans we must wean away from Indian propaganda through their media which seeks to divide our Goan race,-- there are no lesser Goans , all are equal.. Indian Govt has history of such conniving manipulation in various states and it is well know internationally.
Any conflicts now and in future amongst us must be resolved by Goans alone through its internal mediators and not allow outsiders muddy our placid disposition and like the Jews we must learn to trust our own people better and our Goa Govt more, ( I've lived with Jews,I know , they too have some few crazies they joke about)
All the unelected Indian deputies and Governor's forced upon Goan people due to the occupation have one agenda on their mind -- to divide us.  This time for want of a Nail let us not lose our Kingdom, Unity is important. We are just one race-- caste, religion, should be relegated to history.
God Bless our homeland-- Goa, Daman & Diu


Perdro Lopes said...

19th of December 2011 should unite all Goans, as we are one, no matter what caste or creed. Quit Goa movement should be a feeling of all Goans. Maybe Goad wanted us Goans to be under the Indian invaders for 50 years. Now the time is up for a uprising.

Emediavoice said...

If the Indian Govt don't interfere with internal matters of Goa, your politicians will starve. These guys received crores of booty from the GOI and distributes the carcasses to the Goan public. The Public too appreciates it with a begging bowl and so it is and so it will be. 

dlp said...

Que Sera, Sera!! Whatever will be, will be!!!!

Buyarantlomonis said...

This is reality which happens specially at the time of elections , I really cannot understand when the public will realize all this.
" Maka Kiteak Podlam"    ..... Come November we will elect again Ali Baba & his forting theives.

God Bless our homeland-- Goa, Daman & Diu

Viva Goa Portugal 

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