Goa's history cannot be erased. As English is claimed to be a foreign language and therefore needs to go unaided in primary education, the contradiction of aiding it from high school cannot be understood. But when it came to defending the seperate status for Goa, it was the Portuguese/English primary educated Goans that were more far-sighted and saved Goa.
Those who had a primary education in Bharati Bhasha joinned the chorus to wipe out Goan identity by dumping it in maharashtra.
When it came to giving konkani language its due place it was the Portuguese and English primary educated that stood up to defend the language and ensure it receives an official status. The Bharati Bhasha educated cried for a Maharashtrian language to be dumped on Goans as the Official language. So here we are, Portuguese and English primary education has ensured more patriotism than the Bharati Bhasha primary education.
Can BBSM deny this fact?


Perdro Lopes said...

BBSM is pure Maharashtrian, these idiot think they own Goa as we Goans have a foreign Goverment running our daily matters from Delhi.

Anonymous the VIII said...

BBSM can definitely deny! Has any one of them virtues like 'Honesty' or 'Integrity'? Just a bunch of scoundrels!
If they can deny Goans all these years learning true Konkanni, if they could camouflage Marathi as Konkanni and feed Goans.
If they can say that Konkanni is of Kristao and Roman script is foreign.
If they want all Goans to become like the Ghanti Indians. What effect has just one more white lie??
If they are true Nationalist Indians, why do they not roam in bullock carts? Cars are western!
Why do they wear trousers, shirts, under garments, cosmetics, etc. that are  Western? Why use toilets, go up the hills with the bottle.  They will be safeguarding forests and Hills.
Then they can call themselves belonging to BBSM (Badmsh ani Behmani Society Members)

N.Fernandes-London said...

All the BBSM members are failures in one form or another.Each member is a has been.The all come with the description or are now addressed as "EX".


The only thing that still accompanies them everywhere is that they are " NUTCASES".
They fail to see that the public sees them a flickering lights ...on their way out and very dim.
a lot of their followers are also failures or just plain un-educated.

Gobor said...

Today is Sunday. Tomorrow morning lets's see. We from Navelim will gather arround Margao, 100 in number to see who is going to impose the bandh in Margao.
Is the High Court sleeping. Can't the Court take suo moto cognisance of the Supreme Courts Judgement that Bandh's are Illegal? It will be a matter of shame for both Digu and Charchill is Margao is closed.

amchi goa said...

these dumasses need to be driven out of amchi goa!...if u cant handle the MOI in Goa...go to maharashtra....coz thats where U belong!!...dont ruin our goa with UR stupid marathi policies!!

Anonymous the VIII said...

Loz Aslear?

David leitao said...

 These BBSM scoundrels will eat the SALT of Goa and shout Maharashtra Zindabad !!! The biggest rouges are the Ranes and the Parrikars the first to scot off to USA may I ask what language do you speak in the USA Mr Rane and Mr Pariikar ???? All the top multinational comapanies like the Swiss Nestle, The Italian Guala closures, the American Procter and Gamble are all in Ranes backyard in Sanquelim and Bicholim?? Mr Rane which language do you use to converse with these Managing Directors to get your kickbacks and favours for your vote banks !!! Mr Rane you are an hypocrite !!! You have taken Goans for ride for far too long and now your sexy son is following suit!!! Layoff from the Goans you mountain rats !!! Let the Goans decide what they want !!! Your Zamindari days are over we are now in a Democracy !!! Retribution is the word you Ranes and Parikars and Shashikala and Bhatikars !!! Goa for Goans !!! Goa for sons of the soil the sons who toil !!! You fly by night Ranes and Parrikars off you go to the USA !!! Goans will speak, write and read English and the Roman script Konkani !! You cannot deny us what we want !!!!  You scoundrels go fly a kite Take a walk !!!

Perdro Lopes said...

We should have an opinion poll, which language we want, These rats only want to destroy Goa, Bandorkar the traitor tried it, now it's the snake Shaschichaola.

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