It is very evident and clear that an IPS office would be an obstacle to Chandrakant Salgaoncar in his duty to sabotage the major evidence in the Balli murder case. It is now also evident that the politicians are also involved in getting rid of the two UTAA activists.
First a warning was given by assaulting one activist at Verna which comes under Jivba Dalvi a pimp of higher officials and the politicians. That was only a warning, what followed was the real action taken by the loses of millions of under the table money from the mine owners.
Now to destroy the evidence and sabotage the case who would be the best officer? It would be none other than Chandrakant Salgaoncar the pet dog of the politicians. So the case was handed over to the Crime Branch.
The next part was to post an IPS officer as the incharge of the department so that no such thing could take place. But for sure when it must have surfaced that some politicians are/were involved into these two killings then the need to get an IPS officer from there took over priority. The home ministry under a 5th Class home minister under the guidance of the dirty Chief Minister of Goa had to act swiftly.
And they did act swiftly and quickly that within thirty minutes the IPS officer who could have been a hindrance to Chandrakant Salgaoncar’s evil scheme was out from being the incharge of the Department. Now the next move of the dirtbag Kamat will be to set up one IPS officer who would bend to the whims of himself and of the home minister who must be busy in deriving plans to destroy any evidence liking to any of the politicians.
So now Goans the Crime Branch is running under the same crooked crooks who will empty the egg and give the shells to the CBI when told to. When it is a known fact that the Goa Crime Branch is incapable of any investigation, why are the important cases handed over to them. There could be only one reason and that reason is to destroy evidence pointing to any Goan politician and getting them off the hook, at which the crime branch headed by Mangaldas Desai with topmost crook Chandrakant Salgaoncar, is capable of.
This is yet another victory for Digambar Kamat and his gangster politicians since they are the losers due to the closure of the mines at Caurem. Great work Digambara and your gang. Go on killing Goans to fill in you Swiss bank accounts. Keep it up!


Sandesh Gaonkar said...

I certainly agree with Shirodkar.  Well put up. This is the whole Idea to destroy the evidence linking to Cowmuth's henchemen called ministers and then hand it over to the CBI which ultimately would end up into acquittal.

Alcantro Carneiro said...

Once the evidence is destroyed, chandrakant salgaoncar will get a medal for his bravery in destroying the evidence like how ravi naik the motorcycle pilot did when evidence against his son was destroyed by the rascal chandrakant salgaoncar

dlp said...

Monkeys are transferred from one Zoo to another Zoo! Any Reason???? Because they amuse different people!!!

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