AXIS OF EVIL – TODAY IN GOA by Rupert Coutinho, Dubai

The Bandh called by Bharatiya Bhasha Suraksha Manch (BBSM) is a wakeup call to all Goans to be wary of the rise of saffron terror and destruction witnessed by in places like Kandhamal and Godhra. After the wide scale destruction of property and hardship to everyone including school children, which brought life to a standstill, it is a blot on Goa to have given birth of these uncivilised and arrogant pseudo nationalists and their Bharatiya ‘sonstha’ as Goans.
I failed to see anything ‘’Bharatiya’’ in them because I did not see anyone running around in their dhotis or lungis, sandals and sarees but most of them were very comfortably well dressed in a descent patriotic western outfits and shoes. No doubt the Congress is plagued with various scams especially in foot in mouth, Goans should stake stock right now to prevent the rise of the opportunist BJP, United Goans Dying Party and MGP which have racked up this bandh to coincide with the schools reopening day thereby going against the very principles of right to Education to children. Now the out of power and ageing leaders want to seize every opportunity to regain power even if it means hardships to people and parents with no mercy even to school going children.
No one can forget the means adopted by BJP to seize power by defections and their ways to stick to it. The previous bandh called by the BJP and supported by RSS against petrol rise too had put the common man in severe hardship, thanks to the incompetence shown by the present administration. The BJP-MGP-UGDP combine used this opportunity on the schools reopening day to deny the basic right to education and has entrusted inconvenience to the children. The credentials of the BBSM members is well known to every ethnic Goan. Is BBSM a registered organisation?
How can irrational behaviour and stupidity of such people promote better development and better future for the children when they themselves are resorting to such uncivilised behaviour of having their bandh scheduled and planned on the schools reopening day? Everyone knows what the BJP leadership is all about and how RSS linked organisations have been involved in crimes against humanity and genocide like Godha, murders of innocent missionaries like Graham Steines and his under aged children in cold blood or for that matter the daily news of torture and deaths of the people in Kandhamal?
Their own opposition leader has been CM for 5 years. What are his achievements on illegal mining and development of the backward classes and velips/ kunbis? Even though he is chairman of the public accounts committee PAC, the people of Caurem and Ganvem ARE witnessing large scale destruction due to mining and even deaths of young activists.
The protests at Balli were led by none other than Prakash Velip, a former defector and ex-BJP MLA who has achieved a lot for himself including a cabinet post. But why was it in Balli as an area of their agitation when most people know that Dessai’s of that area and the tribals do not see eye to eye and a violent confrontation is inevitable. Yet it was selected and Goans deserve an answer from the BJP which has another participating MLA Ramesh Tawadkar.
Now coming back to Prakash Velip. He was an educationalist and a minister and is the president of the underprivileged community body. Couldn’t he have done all this when he was in power or why didn’t the BJP’s CM and present LOO Manohar Parrikar did not achieve this? The appointments done by the BJP government has seen widespread criticism and resentment amongst various communities and not to forget the mess that Pre Employment Training Scheme witnessed (PETS). What else can be said about the UGDP which is perceived more as a Dying Party until Anacleto Viegas can get some resurrection from Babush and Churchill on the onset of filing nominations. And if none is said about its member Prashant Naik the better…….. He is everywhere You guess why? Everyone need not be professionals in life.. Sweet taking pays....even if it means talking bullshit and crap…..
Today it is pathetic that BBSM which comprises mostly Marathi Protagonists and MGP and BJP leaders and are disgustingly begging the Konkani supporters for their own survival when they have always paid lip service to the development of Konkani which should be the only official language of Goa. The Axis of Evil combination is now scared that development of English will bring in much of the awareness from the developed world and promote equality, justice, fraternity and development which till now has failed to take off in Goa.
It will also bring about a doom to illegal mining and mega cities, illegal conversions, prosecution of guilty and accountability, end to corruption, expose false rationcards and migrant vote banks which is why English is always suppressed and subjugated for various reasons and it is unfortunate that it took 20 years for the man of the masses and his ever faithful worshippers and crumb eaters worldwide to realise his wrong doings.
When unaided institutions are fleecing the parents for fees, MoI in English has come as a relief to many parents, however the opposition BJP-MGP MLAs have resorted to supporting to bandhs only to promote their selfish survival. This bandh is not a victory for the Axis of Evil but an extension of a pleasant holiday to the school children. Horray!!
The Merger failed. So will be the bandh of 6th June 2011 because Marathi can never ever be achieved as MoI and official language for Goa and its ethnic Goans despite all gimmicks and tricks of alignment and realignment. All that I can happily pray is let Marathi RUST in Peace (R.I.P) and bring an end to the development of Marathi Manoos Culture in Goa.
The Parent in Goa achieved what good they wanted for them and thier childrens' future through FORCE. The FORCE should not hesitate to defend and guard thier children, thier overall future, development and thier Goenkarponn when anti-socials, communalists, opportunists and anti-Goans seek various ways to serve their interest including the destruction of Goa and its wealth.


Anand Desai Mopa said...

Rupert the axis of evil exists right at our doorsteps
imported by Marathi descendants. Destruction of property and terrorising
innocent citizens and  laying hands on
students is the trade mark of terrorists. Our  Goan ministers are hiding in their thieves
den, they have no Balls to stand up for Goans. Our CM runs to Delhi because he
has a bunch of Corrupt illiterate ministers by his side. This is a wakeup call
to all Goans everywhere to think of Goa first. Do we take the law into our own

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