A RAY OF HOPE FOR OUR NON-SSC MINISTERS by Adv. Aires Rodrigues, Ribandar

Goa’s non - SSC Ministers and MLA’s have something to cheer about. The Right to Education Act under which all students upto class 8 are to be compulsorily promoted is now proposed to be extended to class 9 and 10. A decision to this effect is expected to be taken at a meeting of the Central Advisory Board of Education to be held in New Delhi on June 7th.
So these non- matric politicians can start getting ready to enroll themselves possibly at a night school. There could even be an exclusive class for them with Education Minister Babush Monseratte as their monitor. It will be indeed a lively class with Churchill Alemao, brother Joaquim, Micky Pacheco and perhaps Ravi Naik amongst others on board. They will at last be able to obtain an SSC which ironically is the minimum qualification that is otherwise required by the Aam Aadmi to even dream of a peon’s job.


renoir said...

Its unfortunate that some people who are " Uneducated" fail to understand what education is. Getting a honorary degree is great but that doesnt make you a qualified person to hold that degree.There is a saying in Konkani which literally translates to the following in English " No matter how much you wash & clean a Pig, it will still go back and roll in that same shit again". I hope my educated readers will understand what i mean. Thats where are are Politicos stand today.

Dalia said...

It's like we are trying to educate these uneducated MLA's and Ministers. Trying to make the pigs sing will surely irritate the pigs and we get annoyed seeing the pig not able to sing. This is the state of affairs in Goa. What a irony with an uneducated holding the portfolio of Education Minister. Why should MAHANAND be not made the IGP of Goa? What's wrong in that?

Anonymous the VIII said...

Save all your old slippers & shoes.
We need to garland these uneducated Ministers when they are conferred with SSC qualification.

N.Fernandes-London said...

What a good idea.I will make sure I keep some of my old boots ready.I will just have to buy some new strong Shoe Laces. 
Anonymous Viii, as you know , Innagurations, in Goa these days, are held virtually everyday.
Nothing is spared.Hotmixing,cemetrys,gaddas,toilets,Valankas new Sari,new Churidar,new salwar kameez,new lipstick,new roof tiles,new tanks  etc.
So lets make a success of the occassion, when the uneducated MLA`s get an SSC qualification.

Emediavoice said...

If you refer the syllabus of others regions in India, you will be astonish to come to your terms. Children learning maths and science in Goa SSC board is equivalent to 3rd year to their diploma courses. This is the reason why 50% to 60% of Goans cannot reach to the heights of acquiring diplomas or degrees. A Goan, certificate candidate can challenge technically other regions Diploma candidate.One reason fatally failing Goan education can be politically motivated - Keep college seats less- requiring high percentages and letting failure for maximum Goans for attaining higher positions.After all-- your politicians need goans to be Butlers same which Churchill prefers. 

dlp said...

SSC. Stupid School Certificate, if there is any stupid school still exists in Goa. Then these crooks will pass out with flying colours and we will be seeing only colourful rainbows.

Mathew said...

Look at Goa CM Digamber Kamath, all I know is that he
studied but I don’t know what.  He is not
fit to be on that Chair. Goa is full of Garbage, Mosquitoes, Dirt everywhere
and Destruction.  It is a SHAME. But this CM doesn’t have shame because he
is brought up in DIRT. 



Cyrusmasca said...

Dotor bab they are not educated, may be for some reason. You became advocate but you are "xikon bruth" Now atleast they are doing something to our children to gain some basic englsih lesson. what are you doing? Supporting marathi and konkani so that our children also remain uneducated after studing. will they benefit from this MOI. Dont go after money always.  

Perdro Lopes said...

"xikon bruth" I like that, education does not make a man, nor speaking and writing a language make you intelligent, how one practices one acquired knowledge proves  person to be intelligent.

Aires do something for Goa, you lost in your own backyard, go and drown your self in a glass of water, Idiot Aires still this date can't differentiate between Liberation and Invasion, This Aires is a Goan traitor and a Indian spy. don't fall for his sweet talks, These MLA's who are supporting Education in our beloved country Goa maybe uneducated with some reason or thee other, but you idiot Aires I've not seen a single comment from you against the Shiv Sena (pigs and rats from Maharashtra) MGP (Maha Gandu Party) BJP (Big Jealous Pigs)

Idiot Aires please don't fools us Goenkars at NG, we may not be very very smart, but we're smart enough to read between the lines.

Shambuswamy said...

Aires is a pig reared by the Sangh Parivar.

N.Fernandes-London said...

I think you are being a little unfair.
Aires is only human and may have some faults. But I think you reference to him as a Sang Parivar is very unfair.
Also remember as an Advocate, Aires has to adhere to "Client Confidentiality" when dealing with some Court Cases.
Aires is doing far more good for the common,than the MLA`s will ever do on several lifetimes.

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