UNITE AND REVOLT by Agnelo Gomes, Combakar

Violence is very bad for humankind. Goans must unite and raise arms v's the Goan politicians and those extremist elements who're planning to explode bombs. Goa belongs to Goans. India invaded our country and annexed it. We've every right to liberate it now. India told lies that it liberated from Portugal, but it never did it.
For the last 50 years Goa is robbed by the Indians and Goa corrupt Politicians. Our Goan people helped by voting them to power. Now we've to raise arms and unite in revolt v/s India and show the World that we're only taking our robbed land from the Indian Nehru/Gandhi terrorists. We should take the Indian Prime Minister at the United Nation to answer the charges. The President of USA Barack Obama must be made aware that India is itself a terrorist Nation and to be forced to Liberate Goa..
Raising a militia is the right cause of the Goan Constitution to save our Goan motherland. The Goan politicians will use the Indian army and police to fight v/s Goan citizens and quench down the revolt. Our people have to wake up and save our land. The Goan politicians are corrupt, they take away what they want, and letting India to loot and rob crores of rupees, while selling our land to the Indians. The hotels, mines, restaurant are operated by the Indians. This got to be stopped immediately.
The Congress politicians must be arrested and driven out of Goa. Everything they own the property, cash to be given back to the Goan treasures. To begin with they robbed all that out of Goa.
The Indian Governor must be arrested and driven out of Goa.  The terrorists of Ramanathi temple and the Goan extremist Hindus must be arrested and driven out of Goa Pronto.
There should not be any elections conducted by the Indian political parties.
Support the Goan Revolution.
Viva Goa
Inqalab Zindabad.
Morte to Bharat.


Perdro Lopes said...

@Agnelo Gomes, Combakar
At last you had the guts to pen something down that makes 100% sense. We are invaded by the Indians in million, our own people are used as pawns by NCP, Congress, BJP and other Indian political party.
If we go to any beaches we see this cheap fast food "The Pani Puri" all over the place. this is no Goan culture. At all corners one see "Panwalla" this too is not our Goan culture. We see young children in shops and at the road side working, this too is not our culture. The whole wooden business and mills are run by Patel. The list goes on.
We have to ask for total Independence through the UNO. We are not enemies of India but we like to live free, we like to govern ourselves. A birth right that no one can take away from us.

Anand Desai Mopa said...

I fully agree with you a full fledged aggressive protest is essential to regain our glory, there is no place for right wing groups and its followers and Corrupt politicians in Goa..

D.Justin said...

In the modern day the commonsense doesn't work with senseless people. First of all, we should throw out the national corrupt parties of India and bring regional party in power. All our corrupt polticians should be HANGED and than we should go for independent. We should follow America, kill the monsters and dump them in the deep seas. Well done Agnelo GOMES FOR TALKING SENSE.

Trevor said...

Yes....it is time to fight.....we cannot accept what has happened to OUR Goa. All Goans all over the world, not just in Goa should be working to take OUR Goa back. This is our home, how can we allow our beautiful Goa to be destroyed????? I appeal to all Goans all over the world to please wake up......please don't let Dr Sequeira's fight be in vain..............

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