We all know that that Goa was annexed by India to India and is illegal , unlawfull due to deliberate breaching of International law, rules and regulations by Nehru(INDIAN GOVT).  Whatever happened after that also become illegal to this day.....and every goan born before 1961 in goa and their offsprings do have legitimate right to put a case in the internation court of Justice for this turth and justice to prevail.
But before doing that we Goans ourself need to raise this issue with Indian Govt by whatever means possible, whether by writting them legally to explain their inappropriate unlawfull actions against Goans and Goa or by starting a movement to make Goans aware about unlawfull act of Indian Govt towards Goa and Goans.
To do so , we need to humble down ourself and include even Churchill, Mickky, Babush and so on, to educate them first and win them over for the right cause in the eyes of fellow Goans and in the eyes of the true God. I also believe Salcette is best place and best people to start this movement....unspolied by Maha vil Indians even though i am not of Salcette.
Moreover, we all need at the moment is all the Goans involement from around the world for this truth to reach each and every corner of GOA & other countries of the world about how India bullied us, by manipulating facts and truth to abuse and to loot our minerals , mines and so on and with intent destroy us totally from the face of the earth our identity ,our peacefullness and our love for true God as days and years goes by.
But Goans , God willing we promise we will stand up each one of us to bring this facts before every country of the world and wont allow India to destroy us further and we will come together as one to fight India's unlawful Bullying ,deceiving and destroying hand on us.......as though we are slaves to Indians and their Govt.
Goa will be called Liberated, only when Goa is part of neither Portuguese nor India nor Pakistan or Bangladesh.
I stand to what adv Antonio lobo wrote.......and i want every Goans to say the same and write as well without fear but with trust in true living god.
In true living god i trust and in his holy name i put my hope for Goa to get Independent from maha evil country India.


Perdro Lopes said...

A day will be dawn and we will see Goa Free, This day is not far away. Thanks to Menino and NG: Also the commentators who daily sit down by their PC to write their comments and Articles on NG.
Mog assundi

Silvestor Bethalbatim said...

Do Indians know what a Law is? Greed, Crime and corruption is their Law.

Goa did have a better Law under the Portuguese.

In true living god i trust and in his holy name i put my hope for Goa to get Independent from maha evil country India

Don Marquez said...

lets first take what is rightfully ours ......Support for SPECIAL STATUS FOR GOA

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