MARGAO: The Navelim MLA, Mr Churchill Alemao, on Sunday slammed his bete noire and former chief minister, Mr Luizinho Faleiro, for allegedly instigating people against him, and the works being carried out in the constituency.  Mr Alemao, while reacting to the opposition by a group of villagers, to the construction of a retaining wall at Dongorim, said that Mr Faleiro is instigating the people to oppose various projects, which are being taken up by him (Mr Alemao), in the constituency. “If the people do not want the retaining wall, so be it,” said Mr Alemao.
He said this is not the first case where the villagers have opposed projects in Navelim, at the instance of Mr Faleiro. He said that he had taken an initiative to construct a temple in Navelim, however, that too was opposed and the matter is pending in court, he said. He expressed disbelief that people were even opposing the construction of a temple, leave alone development works. Mr Alemao however expressed optimism that the Dongorim bridge would be completed on schedule and without opposition.
On the issue of English as medium of instruction at primary level, Mr Alemao said that he is willing to be a part of the talks in New Delhi; however, he said that he would not be available on May 15 and 16, in view of his birthday. He expressed confidence that the Congress would give in to the wishes of the people. He said people of the Catholic community have prospered because of their fluency in English, which has been instrumental in securing jobs overseas.
Earlier, Mr Alemao inaugurated a free medical camp at Aquem-Baixo, orgainised by the Rotary club of Margao – Mid town and Mahila Welfare Community, Navelim on asthama, diabetes and cardiac.
Addressing the gathering at the camp, Mr Alemao said lifestyle diseases are becoming a great concern in present times, as a lot of young people are becoming victims especially of heart disease and diabetes. He said in days gone by, people lived well past their 80s, however, nowadays; people develop all kinds of ailments at a young age of even 40 years. Mr Alemao later got himself examined for diabetes and blood pressure.


Delphine Pereira Navelim said...

The Pig of Varca is a good one to preach to others he has destroyed Goa unopposed, he is run away train of destruction if not stopped Goa will be one big concrete slab.

Anand Desai Mopa said...

In the past Goans leaved past 80 because agriculture was the main source of income and all fertile land was available for plantation. Goan produce was healthy and tasty too. Unlike today fertile land is used for mega housing projects. Hygine in Goa has lost its way through overflowing slums,garbage and sewers, importing all kind of decease into Goa.Those that cycled regularly were much healthier.

Don Marquez said...

What is happening in Goa is massive displacment of Goans from their traditional lifestyle which was the finest in the full uncivilized INDIA as of today..Once that is gone then very easy to destabilize Goa and replicate Bihar in Goa. ..Its goans mistake as they sell land few rupees..
Goans are the masters of their own destruction...Goans have got one bad habit of complaining instead of getting togther and resolving

Don Marquez said...

Hey Delphine..I think all politicians are SWINES as Goan pigs are domesticated and act rational.

D.Justin said...

The uneducated pig of varca is a first class nut. Every now and than he blames another pig for his problems; but the other pig always ignores the pig of varca.What about the people of Goa at large who oppose the national highways and bridges in Goa?. The pig of varca should contact druggist Ravi charas Naik for drugs to heal his mental stress.

Mathew said...

Hope this Varca Pig gets the above disease like Heart
Disease, Diabetes, Brain Cancer, Bum Cancer etc very soon.

Perdro Lopes said...

Poor churchill due to Faleiros arrogance will loose a lot of votes, by building the temples I'm sure a thousand votes could have been added to the vote bank. Another crook Babush has built many mosque and temples in Taleigoa, his vote bank has increased since then.

If we have opinion poll for everything that this chor MLA's do!! only then we can keep them in check.

Independence is the answer to our solution, I pray the new government will put our case at the UN;

Salvador Seraulim said...

Do Goans have the will to unite? Many who start a fight will be bought by politicians to be silenced. Every NGO organization is moving at a snail pace rather than keeping the pressure on a subject they tend to ease off, giving no hope to Goans.

dlp said...

Just a joke. They will be celebrating their birthdays in each others arms in their private houses. The hint is, "united we stand, divided we fall." Here today and gone tomorrow, but there is still the day after tomorrow"

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