My cousin arrived from Goa with my usual stock of ‘’cheris’’ which I relish and in his hands was a Goan daily which he had picked up at the Navy controlled airport which read jazzy birthday greetings to a big fat and rich man whom I recognized as bab Churchill Alemao.
I was zapped reading the flattery of associated adjectives like leader of masses, savior and social worker and above all wishing him a long life which I truly doubt from his sympathisers and most of the well known Judases. I hurried to my Blackberry and checked if there was any alerts or praise from a self appointed representative of UAE Goans on the usual XAPOTAM or from the Goan Welfare Association in Qatar but without my spects it was really difficult to read.
My vacation break in France kept me out of touch of this Goan masala so I said that I too would have highly wished to place my wishes and blessings in the press for publicity although not genuinely sincere enough but like everyone for numerous personal gratifications like some pending conversions, water tanks, utility bills, rice and oil. Not that I cannot afford these but this is the general trend in our beautiful Goa which has witnessed corruption of stealing from Goans and subjecting them to miseries and at the same time sharing a pittance of the loot with the sympathizers and ever faithful migrant vote bank.
My cousin was a onetime big fan and supporter of this diminishing great leader but considered him the betrayer of people’s trust and faith after acknowledging the suffering and subjugation of the tribals and locals affected by illegal mining and land acquisition at MOPA. He was annoyed and confronted me but I argued that learning from the ignorant Goans, I too have developed a Goan Kleptomaniac mindset and also of the corrupt Goan people which instigates our conviction that one Goan should not let our neighbouring Goan brethren to prosper.
My wife protested my views and being a lady of virtue insisted that we should not be carried over by the greed and looting frenzy that the Yobbos in Goa are indulging which equates them to looters, thieves and murderers who are driving the innocent into countless miseries and penultimate step to commit suicide. It was at this fiery moment my little doggy Fluffy of Goan origin sprang up like a blizzare lightning before me and started barking non-stop which irritated me for a while. I though Bin Laden’s successor must have tried to sneak in some apartments since the memories of Navy Seals Unit 6 were still fresh in our minds where the dog was used to hunt the mass murderer and terrorist Bin Laden.
When his barking did not stop I realized that Fluffy is very intelligent and something was wrong and so hurried down the stairs of our apartment without even waiting for the lift and being a literate ethnic Goan and environmentally concerned even in the foreign land, I threw the newspaper in the recycling bin since Fluffy would not tolerate the newspaper if I had to dispose it in the trash bin in our house .
I always knew Fluffy was very intelligent and while I rewarded him with some more bones, I thanked him immensely for taking the thought of my mind for ever publishing any further ad glorifying elected representatives. My cousin suggested that since very few Goans are intelligent and rational to visualize the horrors surrounding them, Fluffy will be a great idol and supporter at Ground Zero to make a thunderous noise and wake up not only the ignorant and blind Goans from their slumber and nemesis awaiting them but also to every domestic and stray dog wandering about. Viva my Fluffy and Cheers!!


Dalia said...

 This comment is common to two articles on a similar subject by N. Fernandes and Rupert respectively. A case of advertising oneself, in this case is Churchill Alemao, the self proclaimed savior of the masses with the skin of a chameleon. In fact he has deceived Goans with self benefitting opportunities that includes extortion, smuggling and tactics of sharing the loot of the Goan exchequer with his family members and crumb eaters.
Good writing is hard work and these articles have its essence and make a direct impact on the minds of the reader. The author or author’s expression in print demonstrates the overall feelings of the common man who lives with frustration and is suffering due to these fools. The common man of Goa is taken for a ride and it is obvious that the whole cabinet is on a mission of saving each other as they know that they are all criminals of the same caliber.
The articles are very informative, easy to read and to be understood for a man with sense to change his or her ways if they are still attached to these corrupt politicians. The writers has taken time and demonstrated a trend in dramatic mockery of these looting clowns so that people could understand it in a way. When we are looted in the open market by the politicians for self benefit, self glory and for the benefit of each family member, why are we voting them back again? If the family members could afford individually to roam in dark tinted BMW’s worth rupees eighty lakhs each, why don’t we think about ourselves and ask the question – why can’t we buy one worth eight lakhs with our hard earned money?

N.Fernandes-London said...

Hi Rupert:
I recently had a concersation with some relatives of mine in Goa.
I asked them what the thought of Churchill & Valanka.
In response they said, that he likes to talk about all the things he has done for Goa.However they stated that what he he has done, is for his family & not for Goa or Goans.
This Brute Churchill is so naive & self obssessed, that he would also agree for you to call your  dog Fluffy`s poo (shit ) ,Churchill .
But I am sure you dog is much smarter and would bark at  this though too of calling his shit Churchill.!! 
Valanka, who pretends to be a modern day girl, is in fact an exact clone or replica of her father.
Shge claims to be a Advocate, practising for a firm of Advocateds based in New Delhi.
I am yet to hear a Legal Case she is defending or prosecuting, either in New Delhi of Goa.
I would have thought her name would appear on Goan Newspapers displaying which Court Case she is involved in.I am sure there would be a lot of interest in her Advocacy, considering the notoriety of the family & background she comes from.
In my opinion Valanka and her father Churchill, have created an illusion or fantasy of her profession to subjucate Goans into believing she is an important person. She may be believed by un-educated and crumbeating Goans...but certainly not by the Educated ones.
Has anyone heard of Big Lips Valanka representing a Legal Case in New Delhi? I doubt it.
Prhaps she is doing more Social Work  or PAper work for the Firm of Delhi Solicitiors / Advocates.She is no HANDS ON Advocate.
The best way to describe the Educational  value of Churchills children, is  useless.
This education, Churchill has given & bought for  his underacheiving Children, is purely to  deceive Goans.
It could be also best described as a Black Crow wearing the feathers or plummage of a Peacock and parading it self around Goa as a Peacock.
In another aticle on the Herald, a paid  Churchill parasite , working for Herald, eoulogising &  praising Churchill on his Birthday states that Churchill has "Grounded" his Pilot son from flying.He has turned his Daughter from an Advocate to a Social worker. So what is the purpose of their education and chosen professional careers.
I can tell you .It is to serve them selves and not the public.
How many Parents in Goa have paid good and sacrificial money to get their children educated only to see that they are following a completely different profession.
For the Churchills. this nothing but a name & fame game.
Shame on this very crooked and criminally intentioned family.
I pray, that, the sooner Goans get more empowered, they will see what the Churchill family is all about and throw them out, along with their blind followers.

Biscuit-in-battery said...

Next time for his birthday ALL GOANS please put and ADVERT for the anniversary hailing COSTAO the Customs officers daring and patriotic Act. 
There exists not a single officer of his calibre and conscience NOW.

N.Fernandes-London said...

I agree with you.
Costao was the true defender of Law and order.
It was sickening to see an advert of Alvernaz on the Herald.Alvernaz was no angel or some special social worker.
But as we all knoiw thatt he Alemaos are uncivilized , it becomes acceptable.
The Alemaos are all suffering from guilt from his death.In order to console their  guilt, they publish an advert in memory.
To 99% of Goans , Alvernaz was no hero, but a criminal along with his brothers.
So who are the Alemao`s trying to deceive.Why not mourn the loss of their brother privately & decently & in a civilized & 21st Century manner.


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