I had a quick read of the Herald E paper Newspaper of the 15th or 16th.  I was astounded to see an advertisement that was printed & paid for by the Alemao family /clan.  This Advertisement included the names of Churchill, Joaquim & Valanka.  What was truly shocking was the headline or theme of the advertisement.
It was for:
This only displays the "LOW LIFE" form of the whole ALEMAO FAMILY.IT is shocking how low they will stoop to selfishly promote the family.
Similarly on the same Herald Newspaper, on another advertisement, I saw an advert wishing or remembering Alvernaz Alemao, a Goan Law breaker, who was killed for carrying smuggled gold which is a criminal activity, by customs officer Costao in a hand to hand scuffle.
This again goes to show everyone how stupid the Alemao Family clan is.
No doubt this is all instigated by Churchill and I am sure Valanka, who claims to be a modern day woman must approve of such disgraceful behaviour.
Can any Goan imagine seeing MAHANAND NAIK is garlanded in an advert, dead or alive or if we move up to the international scale...Osama bin Laden or Ajmal Kasab!
It seems like Valanka Alemao, who strangely lives in Goa, and claims to work & Practices Law for a New Delhi Firm, loves inaugurations of Hot mixing roads.  What is weird is we have never heard of her in Newspapers or anywhere else practicing Law.
What we do hear is her Social Activities. Her main Social Activity is collecting Commissions on behalf of her Father and herself. There are rumors that Valanka intends to get into the Congress Party through deceptive means, just like her father.
Deception is a common factor amongst the Alemao Clan. She hopes to stand as an Independent Candidate in the Coming Elections. As soon as she is elected, she will then merge or join the Congress Party. This again is a typical trait of the Alemao Family. They like doing things, mostly criminal in nature, "thru the back door".


Salvador Seraulim said...

This family pretends to be in the interest of Goans. From their smuggling days onwards their love was for Karwar and Karwaris as ir was one of their routes. If this family is not kicked out of politics and literate persons elected Goa is bound to be part of Ghanti Land. This family of traitors will surely make sure we get there, Their crumb eaters from the Gulf too  will help them.

Dalia said...

 This comment is common to two articles on a similar subject by N. Fernandes and Rupert respectively. A case of advertising oneself, in this case is Churchill Alemao, the self proclaimed savior of the masses with the skin of a chameleon. In fact he has deceived Goans with self benefitting opportunities that includes extortion, smuggling and tactics of sharing the loot of the Goan exchequer with his family members and crumb eaters.
Good writing is hard work and these articles have its essence and make a direct impact on the minds of the reader. The author or author’s expression in print demonstrates the overall feelings of the common man who lives with frustration and is suffering due to these fools. The common man of Goa is taken for a ride and it is obvious that the whole cabinet is on a mission of saving each other as they know that they are all criminals of the same caliber.
The articles are very informative, easy to read and to be understood for a man with sense to change his or her ways if they are still attached to these corrupt politicians. The writers has taken time and demonstrated a trend in dramatic mockery of these looting clowns so that people could understand it in a way. When we are looted in the open market by the politicians for self benefit, self glory and for the benefit of each family member, why are we voting them back again? If the family members could afford individually to roam in dark tinted BMW’s worth rupees eighty lakhs each, why don’t we think about ourselves and ask the question – why can’t we buy one worth eight lakhs with our hard earned money?

Yeshwant56 said...

When Money talk bullshit walks !!! The biggest bullshit Goa has seen is Chorchill everybody knows it. Big chief Big shit !!!!!! 

A to Z said...

N Fernandes your article is the true reflection or should I say a mirror to see our lives. Cemetary is a place which reminds us that all of us are leveled in death. However, for the Alemao's clan it is a place for show. There is no need for anybody to build monuments for him to be remembered if your deeds are good. These in turn will remind the people ; and you can have an everlasting impact on the generations which are yet to come. This is what the great leaders like  Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Ghandhi etc. have  done . Chorchill being illeterate may not know this. But I am surprised and schocked to know that even Valanka fail to realise this. Instead of beautifying the Cemetary they should beautify their heart & soul.

Don Quixote said...

 Alemaos, Digambar, Mickey, Mauvinho, Aleixo, Parrikar, Dayanand are on a fast track in inaugurating different things. Digambar beat them after he inauguraed AC toilet. Now it is through the grapevine that is being heard that those AC's are robbed by his family from the Monte Hill and are installed into their empire atop the serene hills. What next to inaugurate?
Someone waiting to inaugurate Valanka's office so grieving public can enter in? 

D.JUSTIN said...

This chor family is not only disgrace to varca but whole of Goa.

Vicente E. Do Rego said...

Navelkar's and Benaulikar's be shr..ud while excersing your frenchise in the coming election. If by chance these family comes back to power your Navelim and Benaulim will be sold to Elite Delhites for highest bidder, mark these words and sheding tears later will be too late. In the name of love for Goa and Goans and doing social work these so called family from Varca is migrating into the family of Millionairs and we Goans at the end will have eat shit left behind by them.

Mopa-never-copa-forever said...

I am from and I am ashamed. This is the same gandu who said he had to swim the SAL river while escaping during the konkanni agitation time. And the same scumbag who was later caught on cammera demanding money to build a konkanni bhavan.

Constancio65 said...

It is human nature to say he  or she is good but to ignore how ministers come across these sums of money ...........? People wake up why not me or you having  a little money to build a comfortable home........Goa wake up set up a party.........? Do not vote again if you know it's wrong BJP is also not good for Goa........?
Please let's unite stop talking and talking and talking....take some action lets pull and set up a new party......with the help of the goan people
Dalia i like what i read from you and agree, and all regular Goans who leave comments .........pull in one direction lets set up online........if you agree..........leave your comments and i will set up and email...?
thank you 

N.Fernandes-London said...

hi Don Quixote:You will be  amazed at how many Inagurations  Churchill & Valanka will undertake.All these will get an advertisment on the Herald. Color Photos of Churchill and Valanka will also be included. 
Here are a few;

Inauguration of the whitewashing of the Church Fence
Inaguration of the Quarterly plucking of Uncle  Bostiao`s coconuts
Inaguration of the cleaning of the Margao nullahs
Inaguration of the prison cell Mahanand Naik will be housed in
Inaguration of the new omlette gadda in Varca.
Inaguration of the annual Haricutting of Ravi Naiks hair
Inaguration of the new  kaxxti for the president of GWA-Doha
Inaguration of a new fan installed in Custodios house
Inaguration of a new fridge bought by Remedios & Fly
Inaguration of the planting of a green Rose for Mrs Clothilda
Inaguration of the arrival of Fr Newton  for a court case
Inaguration of Atala arriving in Goa
Inaguration of the planting of rice seeds of Mrs Farrel Furtado (donated by Churchill)


Anand Desai Mopa said...

 Come the next election this family will take the post of CM, Finance and Education Ministers "The Naiks will be in charge of Importing Drugs" do we want such people to take these posts? One said No to Mopa airport in the last election campaign after being elected in NAVELIM, he was all for Mopa Airport for a "few rupees more" .

Caitan Pedro De Varca said...

 Whatever is left of Goa will be Pura Satianace if this family of crooks and traitors gets elected.

dlp said...

The Pig is dreading the name N.Fernandes. So he asks his piglings to respond and attack Fernandes. If the Pig cannot talk or write proper English, ON WHAT GROUNDS will the piglings write better??? Are you JOKING????

karda Popot Cajitan said...

 Are Pedro there will be Pura Satianace but believe for me I support the daughter and I get free ride I liking her so much so I hope she someday give me nice biege. I nice Tall and Black like charcoal They call me Kadalo Lampiao. I sometimes becoming Very Hot Rod.

Salvador Seraulim said...

@  Popot Cajitan you sound like a burnt out sausage made and fried by the chor family of varca. come next election your boss will be crumbled eggs.

Sandy45 said...

east or west churchill is the best

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