The so called phased implementation of the Right to Education Act by the Education Department is yet another example of total abdication of responsibility by the duly elected Goa Government towards protecting the interest of Goa and its inhabitants, charged former minister Matanhy Saldanha.
The Centre has provided a draft of the Act which has to be amended by the State Government as per the specific needs and requirements of their region. Since education is a concurrent subject. However, in Goa, the Education Department without making any changes has blindly accepted the central Act.
“This is totally against the spirit of democracy and that is the reason why Goans have been suffering for all these years as instead of changing the Central laws to protect our interest, the Government has very irresponsibly and blindly adopted the Central provisions without bothering to apply its mind to see whether it is beneficial or not for Goa and Goans in all sectors,” said Matanhy Saldanha.
He said it was because of this irresponsible attitude of the Goa Government that the central agencies are taking the people of Goa for granted.
“It is because of this attitude that the Mormugao Port Trust behaves like an independent authority, without bothering to take necessary permissions and licenses from the State Government,” he said.
Besides, he also pointed out that the Defence forces have been grabbing land on any pretext in Goa and the Goa Government has remained a mute spectator without bothering to enforce its mandate given by the people to protect their interest.
Matanhy Saldanha has demanded the immediate withdrawal of the circular issued by the Education Department and further demanded that the Right to Education Act be suitably amended to fulfill Goa’s needs and the same be published for public response before its implementation.
(Former MLA, Cortalim)


Salvador Seraulim said...

 What can one expect from a government of illiterate ministers whose prime interest is greed of wealth, rather then the interest of Goan citizens.

David leitao said...

The 40 MLAs have a common agenda they want to supress the simple Goans deprive them of their right to quality education. Why after 50 years of liberation is there no IIM ( management studies ) or IIT ( technology ) institues in Goa. This is an attempt to destry the culture and history of Goans. Our children struggle in the vernacular devnagiri Konkani and Marathi schools  our Ministers and MLA school teir children in premium ICSE ( alemao ) , University of Gollygong Australia (Godinho ), in the universities of United States of america ( kamat and Parrikar ) etc .

Can we not recruit the professional Goan faculties in the University of Goa or is the prime objective of the Education Minister is to cater to the Pathans of Afganistan, Yemen, the arabs from UAE and the middle East in our hallowed classrooms of Goa University.

It now or never we Goans have to stand up and be counted and these 40 MLAs have to be shown the door and elect righteous God fearing men and women  and protect the interest of the present and future generations.

Joaquim Correia Afonso said...

I fully support Mr Mathany Saldanha, that the draft of the Right to Education Act sent by the Centre has to be suitably amended and adapted by the State government to fulfill the needs of this State. The State government should not blindly approve whatever comes from the Centre in the form of a draft legislation.

May be the inefficient and incompetent Director of Education is ignorant about what is to be amended or adapted to suit the local situation, hence cannot prepare any report in this regard for approval of the State government. So the Central draft is blindly and irresponsibly adopted.

The Hon. Minister for Education should look into this matter.   

Don Quixote said...

Very well said David 

Vicente E. Do Rego said...

Mathany, I respect your integrity on political front. However, while your were in ruling during tenure in politics with BJP if you had to raise an issue of Special Status to Goa or if you have had to support them conditionally it would have been a different story. Will it be repeat story or will you take a lead with Goans to gain Special Status to Goa if you win this time?. 60yrs went by and yet  Goans cannot fight for Special identity to Goa. SHAME on GOAN POLITICIAN'S.

N.Fernandes-London said...

Hi Joaquim: You actually mean the Dishonourable Minsiter of Education ?  

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