PANJIM: Keeping up with the tradition, the Corporation of the City of Panjim (CCP) is set to buy a new car for its mayor. The proposal to purchase a Volkswagen at estimated cost of Rs 8.5 lakhs was approved in the Standing Committee (SC) meeting.
When contacted Mayor Yatin Parekh said that every time a new mayor has taken over, a new car was purchased. Whether it was Ashok Naik or Tony Rodrigues, both had new cars when they assumed the post.
He further pointed out that mayor’s car is five years old which he has used since he has become a mayor. “I have been using my own car for the last two months .The new car is being purchased for the prestige of the post and not for Yatin Parekh,” he added.  But when pointed out that cost limit for purchasing a car for mayor is Rs 5 lakhs and new purchase will exceed the limit, Mayor justified the decision, saying the cost limit was set some four-five years ago.


N.Fernandes-London said...

The CCP should have bought an open top Lorry.Then all the Panjim CCP councillors could go on a Jolly ride , looting Goa & Goans.
Sitting next to Yatin, would be the Money Mule or Dhiram Donkey & father of Rapists Monseratte. 

Don Quixote said...

Narendra Modi made Gujrat a model state, here our own Gujju of Panjim want to make CCP bankrupt. It's not a problem who rules where and how. Our Keith Vaz is an MP in UK buit still coming down to Goa to eat free crumbs, buy economy tickets on Jet Airways then forcing himself into the First Class only to get disgraced by the crew. On the other side, our own Indian born in US Bobby Jindal want to be the next Republican President of US. May be even Simon D' Silva one day  will contest the Qatari Parliament Election. Who knows where luck lies?

N.Fernandes-London said...

So assuming Simon d`Silva , "La Presidento"  of the Goan welfare Assoc. Doha-Qatar , a native of St Jose de Areal & a lapdog of Goan Politicians, gets elected...will,he be called a "Sheikh"...or a "SNAKE" ?

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