NO FAILURES TILL STD 8 by Dr. Ferdinando dos Reis Falcão

The Goa government has decided to have an education policy that schools should compulsorily pass all students upto standard 8th. Are these government decision makers learned people? Or just a pack of jokers making a mockery of the education system. Or do they want Goans to remain dropouts and illiterate? the only advantage is political, and that in future we will have MLAs who are at least 8th standard.
This is a retrograde step in education policy that destroys the very base of education, and will destroy the ability of children to learn. A child’s very ability to recognise it’s capabilities in learning will be taken away as there is no motivation to study and learn. Similarly the child’s competitive ability to do better (healthy competition) than the others is lacking. A child will fail to learn to counteract and to accept small failures as a part of life and recognise them as a motivation to do better the next time. Parents will be more stressed as children will be throughout watching the idiot box or be out playing. They will be like government servants getting salaries immaterial of whether they work or not.
More problems will await children and parents when the child reaches standard VIII and at the age of about 12 years. There will be many among the failures who will discontinue studies, as they cannot cope with failures. Many may resort to suicides as they have watched on the idiot box. Some of the schools may pass undeserving students as they may have less numbers in the IX standard.
The government should realise not to play politics with education. Children should do learn and should learn from young. And by young it means from the cradle. A child becomes demanding when parents respond to every demand of theirs. A condition reflex learnt by them with cries from their cradle. If parents knew to recognise and not respond to false cries, the child would not throw tantrums later in life. This just goes to confirm that children start learning very early, and the earlier they learn, pleasant or unpleasant incidents, the better a child can cope up with it.


Shyam Sawant said...

Yes Dr. but now the Headmasters and the teachers are upset as they will not be able to blackmail the students into taking tuitions from them. Now they have decided to protest against this rule which is run in Europe and other western countries. The crooks!

Dalia said...

With this system, our children will loose the sense of achievement, become lazy and will lack discipline. They will also loose the sense of challenge to develop mind and directions at a very young age. This will result in losing sense of responsibility, actions for self improvement. We can't compare ourselves with Western countries where there is a huge infrastructure for child development.

Joe said...

If this was implemented earlier atleast by now Goa would have a VIII grade pass Education very sad Mr. Monsu-rat chor

Dr. Ferdinando said...

My dear Shyam, you are mistaken; normally no student takes tuitions when they are below 8th Std.

Tuitions usually start for SSC, ie 10th Std, and then for 11th & 12th.
All this is with intention of scoring better marks.

Tuitions for lower classes are sometimes resorted to by parents of a child who's weak in a particular subject. But how will a student or teacher or parent realise that a child is weak is any particular subject if they are just going to pass them all?


The results are done over 15 days back,the teachers are on vacations, some failiures have taken admissions to other schools,some have left for their hometown out of Goa,new admissions are done, the dept has been given the enrolment position, timetables have been planned, new teachers are to be appointed, and the new scholstic year is to begin in about 20 days. THE GOVT WAKES UP TO IMPLEMENT THE RTE Rule 16. This needs CCE . No rules are framed to conduct it. SO HOW CAN THE CROOKS (Headmasters) implement it. I understand your frustration ,but it is directed to the wrong people.It is for the parents to rise and tell the Govt..The HM's just obey rules Your Govt. enacts. SO...


I agree with your fears. The govt. first accepts the laws made by the centre and then makes a hotchpotch of rules that are needed. The HMs and teachers will be sent to some stupid halfbacked training. The teachers will not be able to manage it. They will just do the work as usual and every child will pass. Forget what they will learn . Goa will be the first state to ACCEPT THE RTE IN TOTO . PARENTS BEWARE! It is your childs who will suffer .

renoir said...

How does one expect to have a field of competitiveness,better performance when every child knows that irrespective of their effort they will still get through? Our ministers themselves are uneducated and will never be able to see the impact of their arrogance in framing and pushing down laws on the students . What will happen to a student who has been " Just" passed because the " Stupid Policy of the Government" when he goes to the VIIIth standard? Will he be able to absorb the pressure ? A serious thought needs to be given by our law makers before implementation of this policy.

Perdro Lopes said...

 @Dr. Ferdinando dos Reis Falcão
I don't know you, may I know if your Dr. title is academic or medical?
That a child should not fail up to the VII standard is the best the Goa government has brought up. But this should be properly implemented, if properly implemented we in Goa will be having at the least 60 -70 % bright students every year in the next 10 -. 20 yrs.

Switzerland too has the same system, but here they have up to the IX standard. No one repeats, every child is pushed to the next class.
How it works, from the 1st  class to the IX class, the classes are divided into 3 Categories, A, B & C, The A class you have the brighter students, in the B class you have the less brighter students and so on. The competition is heavy  as all want to be in the A class, after the IX class if a student want to have a trainee post in IT, or Architecture the student has to be in a "A" Class.

The system which I had in my prior days in Bombay for me were the worst, my thinking powers were not utilised as I had to by heart all the time to pass my exams, I couldn't think as only exams were of importance, life in the long run had no meaning, the brain develops only when one has the urge or wants to learn something without stress.

If this system is made mandatory in Goa, then the child will have more time to develop, in the digital world the child comes across a world which is 3 dimensional.

In the past the child learns to fail and fights to pass without understanding the concept of life, the future system will show the road to success, man is a rational being, he always want to learn when the opportunity is given.
We in Invader India or in our mother Goa have no research centres as the system of learning was a failure, the future system will surely open the doors to research centres as there will be time for the child to think , to develop the brain which is a very powerful instrument of life.

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