My Dear Goans in Qatar
Parabéns and well done and these are my special wishes to you to say Obrigado. Together we can Unite and retain our beautiful for us Goan only as did our great role mode Dr. Jack Sequeira.
However the traitors and Judases should not have been invited (including Simon D'Silva) and they should have been ostracised from such functions because one rotten tomato can spoil all the other good vegetables.
You'll have set the right precedent for others to follow. I had raised my voice and protested against the GWA - Qatar when the invited filthy and stinking pigs to be their chief guest for the May Queen Ball.
Also thank you NIz Goenkar for publishing my protests.
Let Goa remain for Goans only.
Dev Borem Korum.


N.Fernandes-London said...

Hi Rupert:Thanks, for also praising & congratulating the Doha Goan Sports Club. They sincerely deserve this accolade
This goes to show that they are able & have organised a very successful function (MAY BALL) with a clean conscience and with love and care for Goans.
On the other hand , we have 2 scoundrels.One from the Goan Welfare Association and the other from Attic Outdoors LLC.
Having read a comment by Blake Vaz which is on TARGET NEWS and an included in article by me , above, I get the impression,that he is an extension or a Branch Member /Branch Manager of the Corrupt regime in Goa.
He seems to be like their Gulf lackey / peon /coolie.
His comment on Target News suggests we should "not" look at Politicians as we elect them.we instead need to look at helping each other as Goans??.Why have a Government then?

What this clown fails to understand is that , he has to organise a Charitable function to raise money to assist people in dire consequences in Goa, because the Politicians that he adores after God, & invites to sit on a throne in The Gulf, has put them poor Goans there in the first place.He should also understand or at least begin to understand that he himself has to work in the Gulf region as his adorable Goan Politicians could not facilitate or provide for him & his family in Goa.
He should also not forget his relatives in Goa, as they too are affected by Mal-administration of his Guests.

Perhaps Blake and also Simon D`silva are so blind & stupid, that they do not see the destruction and loot of Goa by these Politicians.
So while the Politicians are destroying Goa, lock, stock & barrell, these 2 Gulf clown are self appointed repair agents of the Goa Government.Are these 2idiots really helping poor Goans or are they assisting the Rogue Politicians.

While the Goan Politicians are looting the Goa Public Purse, Simon & Blake are encouraging them with this gratuity of being a Chief Guest.The Politicians get an award in the Gulf, and simon & Blake get dubious awards in Goa from the scumbag Politicians.
Could they also be HAWALA agents of our money bags Goa Politicians?

I hope they will soon examine their conscience.
Simon D`silva and Blake Vaz have a right to reply to my comment.
But I have doubts that they will have the guts to respond.
I say this because I believe they are like "gutter Rats", that only come out to feed on morsels or crumbs left for them by the Politicians.It is probably tasty stuff!!!

Don Marquez said...

Rightly as indicated by our elders the cast and family background of SIMON DSILVA reflects perfectly on his character.
Such is the fate of Goans... and even his elder brother who is Triatrst was once absconding due to attempt to murder.
BEWARE Goans of such filth class.... They are the yeast of pharises and family history are drug smuglers, liquor booters and history of criminals and looters.

N.Fernandes-London said...

Hi Don Marquez:

Simon D`silva is fully entitled to organise a "Private" function at his residence with a few friends.He is also entitled to invite Rogue & Criminal MLA`s from Goa to grace his Private Function, if that is his ,breed of people ,style and background.
However when he is organsing a Public Function, In a public place and open to the public, and in the name of Goans,he must understand that that some Goans will object & abhorr invitations, extended to Criminal MLA`s to be Chief Guests.
These MLA`s have all been implicated for crimes in Goa.Many are awaiting trial.
How dare simon invites these hated figures in the name of Goans and under the umbrella of Goan Welfare Organisation.This Organisation should be renamed "CRIMINAL MLA`S WELFARE ORGANISATION" AND SIMON IS AT LIBERTY & FREE TO BE IN-CHARGE OF IT.

dlp said...

Don Marquez,

This Simon D'Silva's background really reflects on his character. If you look at his photograph announcing at the May Queen Ball, except for the Hitler type moustache, he looks like Charlie Chaplin. Look at his shoes and the shabby suit he is wearing. Typical Charlie Chaplin. And if you look at his face, he looks like a Mexican Bandit without a sombrero.

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