PANJIM: Goa government's decision to implement Right to Education (RTE) Act from retrospective effect has sparked opposition from school teachers. Goa Headmasters Association (GHA) said the government has issued the circular at the eleventh hour disturbing their entire set up.
The State Education department, last week, had asked all the schools not to detain any student from Standard I-VIII in the same class and infact promote them to the next.
The circular came after the schools already had declared their results, in which several students were failed.  The education department's circular stems from the letter written by Goa State Commission for child protection, which had expressed worries that several thousand students were detained in the same class despite RTE disallowing such action.
There are no modalities or criterion proposed in the circular. The department has impromptu released it, GHA president Sanjiv Sawant said.
The GHA official said they will ask the schools not to implement the circular this year. "It should be implemented from the next academic year," Sawant said adding that as per RTE guidelines the performance of the student should be graded throughout the year while allowing him to go for the next class.
He said the student will also have to be given remedial coaching, if he is found to be a slow learner.  The state government, however, has said that the schools cannot disobey education department's order. "They cannot say no. They will have to obey the circular whether they like it or not," State Education Minister Atanasio Monserratte said. He said the schools cannot detain the students, which is clear in the RTE Act. – PTI


N.Fernandes-London said...

I appreciate this topic on detention or progress of failed students to the next academic year, is extremely controversial.
However I am purely expressing my personal opinion,from my personal experience of such cases.I am sure there will be others with better opinions.
I personally feel that some students that fail , should be moved to the next Standard as we all develop differently.
Development is also based & co-related to our home life, financial status & economc well-being.
Some students after school, have to go home and work or assist their parents with their day to day existence.
I have known students that did not fare well in their studies in the earlier years, have go on to become academically bright in later years.
Again I personally feel,and I stress again my personal opinion, detention should apply in the final 2 years of schooling.
There is a consequence of detaining students in earlier academic years.This consequence is puberty , sexual development and feeling out of place with younger & still developing students.
It is like being an adult in a classroom full of children and feeling out-of-place.



I do not expect the uneducated minister of Education of GOA To understand the RTE. He thinks that you just write PROMOTED and everyboby goes to the next class up to the 8th std.This move presupposes that there is Continuous Comphrhensive Evaluation ie... a day to day evauation . 25 students per class and it should have some criterion to do the same. It is not like taking a green colour pencil and painting on a plan if it is not sold to the Minister. It should come at the begining of the scholastic year and NOT AFTER the results are declared, failed students have taken admissions to other schools, or gone to their native place outside Goa, New students are enrolled, Timetables are prepared , The enrollment position has been sent to the Dept. , GOD HELP GOA & and the innocent children !

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