Goenkar hanv Khas,Concanim Mhoji Bhas! With regard to the script,I am really not concerned about the script and at the same time,I have got nothing against Marathi.With regard to the future of my children,I will try my level best to get them educated in a English Medium School.I studied in a local,English medium Parish school but things are different now.
I know what is best for my children.I really don't need any advise from so called experts.If there were so called experts in Goa,our Goa would not have been ruined and raped miserably.
In plain,simple language,I wish to educate my children in a English medium school.I am aware of my culture,tradition and what I am supposed to do.
Forget about the laws or acts,Everybody has the Right to chose the Medium of Education,It's common sense.
Shashikala is a expired medicine and needs to be disposed off immediately


Diogo Fichardo said...

I agree,Parents are best suited to govern the future of their children, it is their molding that will build a secure the path for the children. I would not let illiterate politicians decide the future of our next generation.

N.Fernandes-London said...

I agree.I am sure many parents want English to be first choice of medium of education , with other languages /scripts taking second place.
IN the current concensus of mediums,there is a vociferous demand for English, as parents see this as a better language for future prospects.Parents are looking at the long-term objectives.
The BBSM, who are objecting to Moi In English, are run by mostly & purely, failed over glorified people.
They use this cause and many others to re-seek their dubious & fake glory

dlp said...

I fully agree with this. It is up to the parents and parents know what is best for their children. My mother, although without English education, sent us to English school. Sshe must have foreseen what changes would come into our lives. My children have studied through English medium and even grandchildren are doing the same. But, all of us speak in Konkani at home including my grandchildren. If I had been deprived of the English medium, today I would not be able to sit here and comment on this blog.

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