MARGAO: The Town and Country Planning Board has ruled that no further NOCs can be issued to Raheja’s project at Carmona without fulfilling the conditions imposed in the earlier NOC. This is a big blow to Churchill Alemao who is the main main in getting Rajeja’s into Goa and earning illegal wealth from the Rahejas.
This decision implies that Rahejas will have to wait for the widening of the existing 6 meter road to 10 metres, before the TCP grants approval for the construction of bungalows in the property.
Raheja had submitted a proposal for single family unit (bungalow) in each plot with floor area from 1000-1500 square metres and had claimed that the existing road width is sufficient for single family units.
Senior Town Planner, Margao, had maintained that the existing road width for the entire property is six metres. However, PWD in a letter dated October 19, 2010 had informed that the proposal for acquisition of land for widening of the existing road to 10 metres was under its active consideration.
Incidentally, the TCP maintained that it had issued NOC for final sub-division on condition that the approach road of 10 metres is built before any secondary development could be considered in the property.
The TCP Board’s decision comes as a welcome news for the local villagers as the Chief Minister Digambar Kamat had earlier told the local media that the Board had agreed to grant development permission for Rahejas on condition that road in question is widened to 10 meters before occupancy for the bungalows is issued by the planning body.


Trevor said...

Raheje should be renamed Raj project. This Raj and CHOR family want to be the new dynasty of Goa. An Uneducated buffoon as a minister! Only in dirty India one finds such rubbish. This traitor will sell Goa. Soon we Goans are going to be out numbered and we have not even finished 50 years. I think these traitors will finish us Goans in the next 10 years. All the Goans that support these traitors for a few 'gifts' will be crying soon, as they will be a minority with no rights. They will be forced to leave Goa. Already it is happening. I know if Dr Sequeira was alive today he would be fighting for independence from India, in order to save us. May God help us. Our days are numbered.

D.Justin said...

The true Goans should give a hand to eliminate the two greedy pigs of Goa- chor chorchill and Digandu Kamat.

Salvador Seraulim said...

I am in total agreement with you.

Diogo Fichardo said...

Goans are fighting a frustrating and a almost losing battle against non-Goan developers and Goan politicians supporting these developers in return fore large sums of money. Yet the same politicians are elected repeatedly to power. Unless we resort to aggressive action nothing will stop the politicians and their crumb eaters destroying Our Mother Goa.

dlp said...

Chorchill, Chorchill,
Tum danvon voch re Monti Hill
Raheja, Raheja
Tu idhar nahim tor udhar ja
Digu, Digu
Bukh laglea to khav gu
Monserat, Monserat
Lokachem chorinaka bhatt
Ravi Naik, Ravi Naik
Anv sangtam poi tem tum aik
Mickey Mouse, Mickey Mouse
Ti bondkonn zalea tujem House
Urlea poi tea choranchi
Anink konnakui boroumdi

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