CALANGUTE: The foundation stone for the new market complex at Saligao was laid on Monday. Also the renovated Salmona spring was opened to the public. The Saligao MLA, Mr Dilip Parulekar, and the PWD Minister, Mr Churchill Alemao were present at the laying of the foundation stone, while, Mr Luca Remedious, the sarpanch, opened the spring.
Addressing the villagers, Mr Alemao said that he was present at the ceremony, not for the Saligao MLA or for politics, but for the love of the common people, and especially for those associated with business activity in the old market.
Admitting that there was a lot of political pressures not to go ahead with the project, Mr Alemao said, “I am the minister for the people and their interest comes first.” Mr Alemao also highlighted his achievements since he took over as the PWD Minister. “The developmental works in all the 40 constituencies should be enough proof to justify that I have a love for the people,” said Mr Alemao.
I have never discriminated against any constituency while carrying our developmental works, he added. He also made a point to prove that he fights for the common man and that is how he was able to enroll over 70,000 people under the BPL scheme, by making the required changes in the norms for the BPL.
Mr Alemao also had a dig at the Fatorda MLA in the water tank issue controversy saying, “Churchill does not want to make money from the scheme meant for poor people.” He also extended his full co-operation in the developmental works that benefits the Goan masses.
Mr Parulekar thanked Mr Alemao for unveiling the plaque to mark the foundation stone laying ceremony in spite of political pressure and called everyone to fulfill the dream project of a market for Saligao villagers.
The contractors for the project assured the PWD Minister and the public that the project would be completed within six months.
Also present were the sarpanch of Saligao village panchayat, Mr Lucas Remedious, Saligao zilla panchayat member, Mr Michael Lobo, panchas of Saligao, Mr Eknath Oraskar, Ms Anisha Parulekar, Mr Somnath Rane and Mr Suhas Mandrekar and villagers of Saligao. The new market complex is estimated to cost around `45 lakh, and is taken up under the District Rural Development Agency - North. In the first phase, only the ground floor with 18 shops will be constructed.  Executive engineer, Mr Pramod Badani and assistant engineer, Mr Kamat were also present on the occasion.


Trevor said...

He is a office to LOOT.......building his dynasty with his daughter as the new Queen of Goa.....They use all kinds of tricks, dressing up as social workers who's ulterior motive is to be in power to LOOT and PLUNDER OUR Goa. Sadly we have too many stupid people in Goa who support this family. They are causing so much harm to all of us and OUR Goa. Stupid people should never be given the right to vote. This is what we end up with - Indian style of dirty 'democracy'.

D.Justin said...

After fooling the south Goans , the fat filthy pig of varca is now trying to fool the north Goans. Please slaughter the pig and dump in river mandovi.

Salvador Seraulim said...

The Goan s_it eating peg of Varca is neither a politician Nor for common people he is unto filling his own coffers with Goan Blood Money. As that is not enough he has induced his daughter into politics. These of alma pigs and brothers with eat all the s-it until Goa is dried up.

Mathew said...

The whole of Goa must be aware of the Varca Pig. He is now
misguiding the people of North Goa. His days are numbered in South Goa, he is
aware of that. His party Save Goa Front (SGF) is losing its strength
like BJP and MGP party. He might win the next assembly election if he
replaces his party name to Sale Goa Front instead of Save Goa Front.


Salvador Seraulim said...


The Goan s_it eating pig of Varca is neither a politician Nor for common
people he is into filling his own coffers with Goan Blood Money. As
that is not enough he has induced his daughter into politics. These alma pig and brothers will eat all the s-it until Goa is dried up.

dlp said...

What the Chor means when he says he is for common people is, he can loot them easily, but not the politicians. When it comes to politicians, he has to be hands in gloves with them. What does the common man knows about his intentions. I undertand this ba...rd because I am uncommon.

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