PANJIM: Senior police officials have asked the criminal investigation department (CID) also known as the crime branch to register a case against Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) national secretary Jitendra Deshprabhu and some top bureaucrats for illegal mining worth 50 crore.
This follows the Pernem judicial magistrate first class's direction on Saturday to superintendents of police of crime, North Goa and anti-corruption bureau (ACB) to either jointly or separately register the case. The JMFC gave the police 24 hours on receipt of a copy of the order to do so.
Social activists Kashinath Shetye, Ketan Govekar and Pradeep Kakodkar had, in their police complaint, alleged that Deshprabhu had cheated the state government of 50 crore by way of illegal extraction of ore at his mine at Pernem in North Goa.
"We had fileda complaint on February 11, 2011 at the ACB, CID and Panjim police stations against Deshprabhu for illegal mining. The complaint is also against the chief conservator of forests, directors of mining and transport, chief of the Goa state pollution control board and local panchayats for abetting the crime by not taking action in time," Shetye said.
The complaint was filed a fortnight after chief minister Digambar Kamat told the Goa legislative assembly that the senior NCP leader ran an illegal mining outfit. Kamat, also Goa's minister for mines, told the assembly on February 1 that Deshprabhu has already been fined 1.72 crore by the state mining department for illegally extracting nearly 50,000 tonnes of iron ore.
Deshprabhu, however, has maintained that while the mine is located in his property he is not responsible for the extraction of ore as he has leased the property to a contractor.
Mining department officials in turn had said that the son of a senior cabinet minister had been given the contract to extract ore.   Police department sources said that they received a copy of the JMFC order on Monday. "As the order stated that the SP (Crime), SP (North) or SP (ACB) jointly or separately register the case, we have decided to hand over the investigations of the case to the crime branch," sources said.


Trevor said...

This is the truth about OUR Goa. It is being LOOTED and PLUNDEREDE and destroyed under India. This so called damn ‘liberation’ is a curse to our people and our beautiful land. Just 49 years and we have destroyed Goa. What is there to celebrate for the Golden Jubilee?????….any Goan that celebrates during this time is a traitor to Goa. We have nothing to celebrate….only tears for the loss of our home and our culture. It does not much intelligence to see that Goa is being destroyed. So very, very tragic for us people. Anyone who does not see it is blinded by brainwashing of India and the dirty criminals called Freedole Farters. I appeal to all Goans, we about to lose our Goa, we have traitors who want to sell Goa and have been selling Goa. We are at a point of no return, if we don’t do anything drastic to take OUR Goa back, we can kiss OUR Goa goodbye. I know poor Dr Sequeira is praying on his knees for us Goans to stand up and fight for our homeland. It will soon be pointless to even have a name like ‘Goa’ as it will be full of Indians that are going to F%$## it up!

Diogo Fichardo said...

A case will be registered against an influential culprit today and it will take a life time before a verdict is announced that too will be that too will out of court due to lack of evidence. While all this is goung on the culprit will be free to continue to ply his trade.

dlp said...

Case will be registered when? And after, if at all, it is registered, what will be the outcome? The case will run in the court of ages and the final verdict will be a BIG ACQUITTAL for lack of evidence and a blessing for this arsehole to laugh at all of us and continue with his activities.

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