PANJIM: The Doha Goan Sports Club DGSC has set the right precedent by not inviting MLAs to be their chief guests for their annual May Queen Ball. They also made a generous donation to the National Association for the Blind unlike many other associations hosting such cultural events which claim their chairman have been noted social workers but don’t have anything to prove about their contribution for the welfare of the ethnic Goans.
The message from DGSC was loud and very clear – MLAs are not gods to be glorified and are just normal human beings as any other individual. However few undignified Goans have found the noble means of promoting their interests by serving and glorifying MLAs and so they have benefitted by the unlimited legal as well as illegal favours. These Judases find the right excuse of saying that it is we who elect these MLAs and try to brain wash the immature minds in the same way as cemeteries are whitewashed. These people fail to introspect and look within themselves that it is they themselves who have elect the corrupt and tainted by being ignorant and unsound in their judgment and the few ones who have cast the right votes were outnumbered by money and muscle power. Learning from the DGSC, Goans should unite and work to ostracize every visible Judas from such functions and cultural events including the organizers and participants so that Goans will really trustworthy people building a bright future around them. My message to the DGSC is a big Obrigado for donating a part of their collection for charity and parabens (Congratulations) for leading by example that a chief guest need not be a cheap politician but any individual of moral values who will be a role model for the people.


Diogo Fichardo said...

This is one sports club of Doha Goans we must be proud off. They have paved the way for others to Follow. Donating money for charities in Goa is a noble deed. Congratulations and keep the good work   of not inviting   corrupt Goan politicians.

N.Fernandes-London said...

Hi Diogo & Rupert:I agree with you guys.

The Goans attending the function organised by the Doha Goan Sports Club, can have the satisfaction of attending these functions with a clean and clear conscience.
The Doha Goan Sports Club can also take great pride in knowing other Goan Organisations around the world admire their decision not to give pride of place to corrupt Goan Politicians as Chief Guests.
Many of these Goans in Doha have struggled and made huge sacrifices, back in Goa to get to Doha  /Muscat or other Gulf Countries,for their  economic  survival & well being, and those of their family members too.
I know many that have taken loans or sold their gold and family heirlooms,just to travel to these destinations in order to earn a crust to feed their families.
Many of these Goans have been badly exploited by both employment agents and worse still Goan Politicians.
Churchill and Mickky Pacheco along with Monseratte and Mauvin Godinho are well known Politicians (to name a few), that have bled these Goans for every paisa they, have to send them to the Gulf.

The Politicians have not sent these guys to the Gulf out of love, concern for them & their families, or for free.
The Politicians have done so in what is called a TRADE OFF", to ensure that thye get their votes, to continue with their plunder & loot while in Power.If these Politicians are not in power, than the are no more than plain common criminals and many have come from these backgrounds anyway.
The loot from being a Goa Government Minister or Politician is very high.We are talking Crores of rupees.
If the Politicians stopped looting Goa, charitable organisations would not have to rely on donations from abroad.
There could be better roads,schools, hospitals, nursing homes ,care for the elderly & infirm etc.
From just using a "guesstimate", I would say that Goan Politicians have or are in control of  50% of Goa`s wealth.either in Goa or abroad.This includes Money, real estate & mines.

Many of these poor Goans on arrival in the Gulf have been further exploited and turned into slaves.
The job descriptions given in Goa, do not apply, in many instances, when they arrive in the Gulf.
ON arrival in the Gulf, many of these Goans have to re-adjust to a new culture and environment.
It is here that organsations like the Goan welfare Association and Attic Outdoors LLc exploit them further.
The Central theme & core of their functions  like the May Ball is to raise funds for charities back in Goa.
This is highly admirable.However I also believe this method of deception & pulling heart strings, is none  other than another method ,or  money making racket for a few individuals organsing these functions.
I do not believe these Goans, that attend these functions do so, to see, the Goan Politician  invited as Chief Guest.The purely attend these functions to socialise with other Goans and feel a sense of belonging in these deserts.

I lso believe some of the organisers, are shady characters, like the Goan Politicians.Their romance with these scumbag Politicians, have sinister objectives.No doubt  Black  money is at the core of it all.Certainly not Romance. 


dlp said...

Well done DGSC. You all lead by example and make us true Goans proud. Keep up the excellent job you are doing. Why is Simon D`silva and Blake Vaz not replying to being criticised & being exposed as dubious characters?
Having great difficulty organising a reply / response? Proves their character. They only want fame, half brained morons.

Anand Desai Mopa said...

Goan politicians and their cronies always put pressure on  Goan clubs mainly in the Arabian Gulf region for invitations, Politicians have even paid for their own invitations to the events with immoral wealth stolen from Goa.
BUT one club "Doha Goan Sports Club" has proved that Goan festivals do not need Goa's crooked politicians. The proceeds were well used in Donating for the needy in Goa. Congratulation and God bless   Doha Goan Sports Club members, you have opened the way for others to follow "that is of they have the brains to do so". 

N.Fernandes-London said...

Hi Dlp:
There are 4 problems here, I assume  for Simon & Blake.

1.Their organisational skills or skullduggery, cannot be utilised for a reply.
2.There is no money or Dinars & Dhirams  to be made in a reply.
3. They require authorisation from Churchill or Valanka or the other Politicians they hire  or  hired to be chief Guest.
4.There are too many "skeletons" that will fall out of the cupboard.  

Don Quixote said...

 The pompous, old fashioned Simon D' Silva was wrong in calling the tainted and corrupt politicians from Goa. Days ago I was taken to Qatar on a short visit by my family member who works there. Many of the Goans I met were enthusiastic about the Goan Club's event. Good, they made it without the politicians. However, Simon D' Silva was for severe criticism for his decision to invite tainted politicians from Goa neglecting some famous, social and charitable Goans within Qatar whom would have been no liability on the organizers. One of them mentioned that if you say “Abbo, kaxtent forzota”, Simon gets furious for reasons unknown. I like the way the common and average Goan in Qatar lives and are happy without these events. There is another self pompous Goan called Jason who identifies as the Manager of Qatar airways, what a false pride of some Goans? Goans meet at the souk, exchanging pleasantries every week-end. Qatar Airways flying directly from Goa made home closer to their hearts.

Silvestor Bethalbatim said...

Doha Goans Sports Club Members can walk with their heads high as they have made themselves proud, rather then inviting Goan Politicians they have made the event a charitable one.  A  bench mark has been set by Doha Goans for other Goan organizations abroad to follow. Well done and Keep it up.

Papa Razi said...

"Abbo, Kaxtent Forzota" was a taunting theme used in Goa in the past to abuse Kunbi community. However, this is a racist statement no matter if Simon belongs to that community. this should be avoided by the Goans in Qatar. 

Claudio said...

What is Abbo Kaxtent Forzota? Why someone has to get annoyed? 

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