As a Niz Goenkar it's my duty to expose all Freedom Fighters that sold Goa our Motherland to Bharat, India or Hindustan. First count late Enio Pimenta and Dr. J. Martins of Salvador do Mundo posed as Freedom Fighters were the collaborators of robbing our motherland Goa and handing over to Bharat. To agree with me one must be patriotic.
They argued Goa was liberated. I was in Goa they had not taken approval of Goans. Only thieves can rob and sell what they consider sellable property to outsiders in this case to Bharat.
Check the big house in Curtorim, now belongs to late Enio Pimenta? Whose house that belonged and how cunningly misappropriated someone's property originally given to take care off while they were away abroad? For more information check with Livia de Abreu Noronha, Mrs. Of Jorge de Abreu Noronha in Portugal she may provide you the details.
Dr. J. Martins another Freedom Fighter. Base upon her closed door neighbor who lives in New Jersey, he has misappropriated large properties after achieving status of Freedom Fighters that's why Parrikar had ordered him to be jailed.
I had debated in length with this old man Dr. Martins and his son on forum.
This Dr. Martins claimed he was poor and had been arrested by Portuguese several times, and was kept hungry in the Aguada prison. Records indicated that in prisons of Goa and Portugal they were given fair treatment, no one was kept hungry, because they were political prisoners and not criminals.
Agreed by Telo Mascarenhas, Lawande, Gaitonde and some of these Freedom Fighters even married to Portuguese women in Portugal after they were set free. Even Lamberto Mascarenhas stated that if he were kept in Prison in Portugal he would have married to Portuguese woman. That clearly indicates treatment was fair in prison.
How come any Goan in this particular case Dr. Martins(pronounced Martinshex in Portuguese) amass large land of communidade sellable to crores of rupees.
Communidade land according to Advogado Andre A. Pereira and Policarpo C. D'Souza, President of Association of Components of Communidades ,Gaunkaries. Communidade land was given to cultivate by contract for 5 years and to be returned back to Communiade after contract expired with payments of predial every year. The profit was shared in terms of Zons with Gaunkaries.
Reason Dr. Martins owned this land because he never returned the land to communidades instead made the land in his name may be by paying a small peanut fee that's against the Communidade law. Or he may be allowed by stupidity of Dayanand Bandodkars law land for the tillers.
Besides Dr. Martins many other politicians bought the communidade land illegally and sold to Ganthies for large sum.
I was the founder leader of ZACL, employees, Union, Sancoale. Late Carlos Noronha head of Agriculture Dept. in Goa sold Birla the communidade land for 25 cents/square meter. Birla later sold to USS Agri Chemicals at Rs.25/square meter. He Became instant crore potti in Goa selling our land. Traitor Carlos Noronha got Personnel manager post and share of Oxygen plant.
I had an 1-1/2 hour long meeting with the Advogado Andre A. Pereira, Policarpo C. D'Souza of Chorao, President of Association of Components of Communidades , Gaunkaries, Nelson Azavedo, and Luis D'Souza of Alto Porvorim. We are taking all these traitors in the court of law, recover all robbed properties from the people who had given as care taker since they were for diaspora and lanf of communidade.
Then again Goa is an occupied territory of India where there is no law and order. Freedom Fighters are rewarded for selling our motherland to India in terms of robbing communidade land. We'll have to liberate Goa first and hang high all these traitors Freedom Fighters, and political goons.
Join the Goan Revolution to restore back to people our robbed territory by these Goan Ganthies.
Mog Assom
Down with Freedom Fighters
Agnelo Gomes
Goan Nationalist – USA


Shubash Raikar Panjim said...

The so called freedom fighters Goa are recognized thieves by Occupying Indians.

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