TIME TO FEEL ASHAMED OF RAHUL GANDHI by Adv. Aires Rodrigues, Ribandar

Rahul Gandhi's statement that he is ashamed to be an Indian is an outburst of immaturity. Whatever the context, one cannot understand how an Indian can ever be ashamed of his Nation. Could it be for being half Italian that Rahul Gandhi's feeling Indian is only skin deep?
On one hand, we have a bunch of corrupt politicians and on the other, pampered products of dynasty politics, propped up by sycophants. It is time now for every Indian to feel ashamed of Rahul Gandhi and his statement.


James Silva said...

 Mr. Rahul's protest for the injustice on farmers is a pure election gimmick to catch votes. It is the 1894 Land Acquisition Act --a British Legacy which is being widely misused to snatch away the poor farmer's lands at throw away rates by all the political parties and the MPs are not taking any action to repeal the act or to modify it. The same thing is happening in Goa too. A shameful farce by the dirty politicians to fool the masses....

just for klcks said...

of course im ashamed of being a goan, does that mean im a portuguese, not at all. i do not know in what context rahul gandhi has made this context to... of course we all know when any goan makes such comments ' ... that we are ashamed of goa..'  now im beginning to think that we goans should be ashamed of OURSLEVES

Perdro Lopes said...

 @Aires Rodrigues, Ribandar

At last the guilt has caught Rahul. He feels bad that India (his Father) invaded Goa and other enclaves of Portugal, he wants to give Goa back to the rightful owner. namely Portugal.

I feel ashamed to call you a Goan, you are a traitor of Goa. You have heart for invaders, due to crooks like you we are indirect slaves to the Indian Rule.
India is a lavaris country, run by chors and vote bank, The municipality does not work in no state. Rich are becoming richer by the day, the middle class the backbone of india survives from hand to mouth.
If you feel you are an Indian, or you think that Goa belongs to India, then I must say you are in a wrong forum.

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