19 December 1961 has been considered as a day of Goa's liberation.Looking at the attack on a daring 24 year youth,Nilesh Goankar for fighting to save his village of Cavrem forces me to say,was Goa really liberated or invaded?
Few days back,the men in khaki turned out to be goondas for the Cavrem locals and now the same goondas will be investing the attack by the unknown goondas.In today's Goa there are number of Bachao Samitis namely,GBA,GRA,CABS,GXE etc but the interesting question is,Bachao from whom?Is it bachao from the hands of elected people in power?If so,how we can call ourselves as liberated?
We belong to a place where there is nothing called as law.This is a place where a bill passed by the elected mafias in Power in more powerful than a Supreme court order.Can the so called law protectors dare to arrest the powerful suspects in the Nilesh attack case?This present government is a part of illegal minning in Goa and they have got the power to use legal as well as illegal means against the people who dare to expose their ugly acts.Only God knows the future of this one time peaceful state of Goa.
I remember a Nilesh who sacrificed his precious life to save his village of Kerim during the anti -Nylon 6,6,agitation and now again it is another Nilesh who has been attacked for fighting to save his village from the hands of the mining lobby.
Nobody is against mining but everything has got a limit and the limit has been crossed in Goa.We are playing with nature's patience and it is incorrect to do so because when mother nature shows her power,no other power in the world will be able to help us.
This present attack on Nilesh Gaonkar reminded me to remember the daring forgotten son of Goa who sacrificed his life during the anti-Nylon 6,6 agitation in Kerim.
I take this opportunity to salute the late Nilesh and the Nilesh who at the very young age is all out to save his own village whereas as some of us who call ourselves as historic sold our villages for personal gains. 
Hope God's law will prevail as I don't trust my Country's law.


Diogo Fichardo said...

We are in the worst situation in the so called life of Liberation, We fought the opinion poll, then for our Konkani Language now we have to fight against the destruction of our precious land, from greedy rich criminalized Gangs. Our brothers and sisters are being attacked by those that are supposed to protect us and by Hired thugs. Where are the bloody so called Freedom Fighters and NGO organisations?
Unless we respond in an aggressive manner we will be bullied to death.

Faye - Merry Olde Angleterre. said...

 Duh - invaded. The Indians had and, still, have no right residing in Goa. Yet they strut about Goa like a bunch of (stupid) sexed-up peacocks, not unlike the Malfoys. In fact, to get more Goans fighting FOR Goa rather than prancing about with the Indians, we should make use of references and comparisons that appeals to the general Goan populace - (inter)nationally.  

On a side, but important, note, I stopped considering myself as an Indian 3 years ago (when I was 17). Yay for unbiased history!

Diomedes said...

It was a grand display of cowardice by the mining mafia. The attach on unarmed and unprotected solitary Nilesh by TWO men with a weapon - an iron rod - who fled the scene after committing the attack.

This is a clear sign that the mafia is afraid of those fighting against them. Defenceless people, without any weapons, fighting to save their village, their livelihood. The mafia trying to extract money by illegal extraction of iron ore, protected by the police, protected by the powers that be.

Is the government with the people? NO. 

Shyam Sawant said...

Joel, I can say that Goa was never liberated but captured and annexed by the Indians.  Goa was never an Indian territory and will never be.  They used force which we did not want and are bullying us. I hope that india goes down the drain it deserves. 

Sandesh Gaonkar said...

Shyam I agree with you too.  But it is some of our Hindus of  Goa who do not understand this.  They are brain washed by the terrorist groups like RSS, BJP, Bajrang Dal etc.  Hope the present generation makes good use of Internet and read the real history of Goa and not the manipulated one by the Indians

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